We’ve promised the endorsement industry a smarter research solution, and with our new opendorse athlete profile design, we’re happy to deliver on our promise. Over the past two years, we’ve been able to help thousands of marketers build and activate thousands of endorsement campaigns. We’ve studied the key factors that impact a marketer’s decision to activate a particular athlete for their campaign. The new opendorse athlete profile design is built to help marketers analyze the research that directly impacts their campaign goals, and select an athlete best positioned to help them succeed.

Here’s how.

It’s all about quick decisions

At first glance, the new athlete profiles help you compare an athlete’s opendorse score and cost per activation to other athletes on the platform. Without diving into the data, you’re able to compare an athlete’s reach, audience, trust, engagement, and marketplace scores to other athletes on the platform.


-How marketable is this athlete, compared to all athletes worldwide?
-Best for marketers looking for an effective athlete, regardless of campaign strategy.

Know how far your endorsement will travel

Expanding the reach tab will give you a clear understanding of the impressions each athlete will be able to deliver for your campaign. Keep an eye on the athlete’s viral potential, which will provide your brand with increased exposure with free, earned impressions.

-How far can this athlete take my message?
-Best for marketers looking to build awareness campaigns.

Find the athlete that speaks to your audience

Within the audience tab, you’ll learn more about the types of consumers each athlete influences. For marketers seeking an authentic endorsement, use the audience tab to find the athlete that influences your target market, based on gender, location, and interests.

-What kind of consumers does this athlete influence?
-Best for marketers seeking an authentic endorser for their brand.

Have confidence the athlete will deliver

The new ‘trust’ tab helps you understand the athlete’s online persona. By understanding the athlete’s social media behavior, you’re able to determine their fit in your existing activation strategy, or build a campaign that fits their existing voice.

-Has this athlete established a powerful presence online?
-Best for marketers with an established activation strategy.

Be certain the athlete can engage your target market

By expanding the engagement tab, you’re able to build realistic expectations for your campaign goals. Each athlete’s estimated engagement rate can be compared to help calculate overall return on investment for your brand. The popular ‘past engagements’ section is included, helping you understand the impact the athlete has had on recent brand campaigns.

-Can this athlete influence consumers to take action?
-Best for marketers looking to drive web traffic or increase purchase intent.

Easily build campaign ROI projections

The marketplace tab contains information that helps you compare the athlete’s effectiveness (as it pertains to your budget) to other athletes in the marketplace. By understanding an athlete’s projected CPM and CPE, you can provide key decision makers with data that helps solidify potential outcomes, and approve your activation campaign.

-How valuable is this athlete’s endorsement?
-Best for marketers planning multi-athlete, multi-activation campaigns.

Quickly explore similar athletes to speed research experience

We’ve created a new ‘similar athletes’ feature to improve the marketplace browsing experience. Within each tab, you’re able to discover athletes with similar reach, audience, trust, engagement, or marketplace scores. Not certain the athlete you’re reviewing is the best fit? No sweat. Select a similar athlete, and continue your search for the perfect endorser.


Get to know the athlete

Background information on each athlete is available on each profile. Get to know the athlete’s path to success prior to pulling the trigger on your campaign.

Focus on what’s important for your campaign

New information toggles help you remove or find analytics that are most relevant for your campaign. Not interested in general information? Simply turn off the general info toggle, and continue your research.

Ready to dive in?

The new opendorse athlete profiles are available now. Log in to your account here, or sign up for a free 30 day trial.

As always, we are interested in your feedback. If you have questions about the new athlete profile designs or features, contact us at support@opendorse.com