10 Questions to Ask When Valuing Digital Influence

10 Questions to Ask When Valuing Digital Influence

How do you know which athlete is right for your marketing campaign? Our team shares 10 questions you should ask before choosing the right athlete(s). But first, what do we mean by ‘digital influence’?


Digital Influence: the ability for an individual to leverage established trust within a specific audience to reach and engage consumers.

Here at opendorse, we dive into four main factors impacting the value of an athlete’s digital influence: R.A.T.E. > >

  • Reach: The combination of an athlete’s organic reach and vial reach are indicators of their local, national and global influence.
  • Audience: The location age, interest, gender and spending power of an athlete’s audience helps predict the business impact of an athlete’s digital influence.
  • Trust: An athlete’s trust is established over a long period of time. Their ability to consistently provide value to their audience builds trust.
  • Engagement: Ultimately, an athlete’s digital influence is measured by their ability to get their audience to take action on the opportunities they present.



Valuing an Athlete’s Reach

1. How many total followers does the athlete have? How does this vary across different social networks?

2. How often does the athlete’s content reach a larger audience due to shares from their followers?



Valuing an Athlete’s Audience

1. Where does the athlete’s audience live? Which segment (by location) of the audience engages the most with the athlete?

2. What content topics does the athlete’s audience engage with the most? What other influencers does the athlete’s audience follow?



Valuing an Athlete’s Trust

1. What does the athlete talk about? Is the content relative to their audience? How often is the athlete interacting with fans? How often are they promoting brands?

2. Are other social media users reacting positively or negatively to the athlete’s content? How has the athlete’s sentiment changed over time?



Valuing an Athlete’s Engagement

1. On average, what percentage of the athlete’s followers will click, comment or favorite a post? How does this vary across content type and social networks?

2. If the athlete shares a link in their content, what percentage of the audience will click-thru to the third-party website?


Marketplace Trends

Using Marketplace Trends to Predict Performance

1. What is the average marketer willing to spend to reach for one-thousand impressions? Are deals being accepted above or below the average CPM from last month?

2. Is the athlete in-season or out-of-season? Are there any global/national events occurring in the athlete’s sport at this time?


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