Happy Holidays from opendorse!

Happy Holidays 2013 from the opendorse crew! This holiday season, we are thankful for all those who have supported us on our journey to change the athlete endorsement industry. Cheers to an amazing 2014! Oh, and here’s what we really look like:

The Highest-Paid Athlete Endorsers, 25-1

In case you missed it, here are numbers 100-76, 75-51 and 50-26 of the countdown thus far. This week we finish the countdown with numbers 25-1 of the highest-paid athlete endorsers.   25. Carmelo Anthony | NBA | New York Knicks Yearly Endorsement Earnings: $9,000,000 Twitter Followers: 4,015,152 Follower Value: $2.24  opendorse reasoning: Melo took