10 Questions to Ask When Valuing Digital Influence

How do you know which athlete is right for your marketing campaign? Our team shares 10 questions you should ask before choosing the right athlete(s). But first, what do we mean by ‘digital influence’?   Digital Influence: the ability for an individual to leverage established trust within a specific audience to reach and engage consumers.

Introducing Kick-ass Athlete Profiles

Our development team has been hard at work. Over the past four months, the idea of creating more robust athlete profiles has finally become a reality. The end of the last week, our team released the new profiles, providing more in-depth data for all brand, agent and athlete users. Our CIO, Tim Braun, helps explain

5 Benefits of our Partnership with NFL Players Inc.

Today, we publicly announced our partnership with NFL Players Inc., the for-profit subsidiary of the NFL Players Association. Together, we’ve launched Activate, professional sports’ first online micro endorsement marketplace. Our team is incredibly excited to partner with the biggest association in professional sports, validating the years of hard work that has gone into making opendorse

Case Study: How One Sunglasses Company Saw a 5X Return on Investment

  Learn how Society43 utilized one influential athlete, Rex Burkhead, to generate a 5X return on investment.   The Challenge Increase awareness of Society43, as well as produce sales of 100 Limited Edition throwback Nebraska Huskers sunglasses.   The Deal Leverage one tweet from athlete Rex Burkhead, former Husker football star, to engage die-hard Nebraska

The State of Sports Sponsorship 2014 | Infographic

The State of Sports Sponsorship 2014 | Infographic The sports sponsorship industry continues to increase, not only in dollars, but different marketing mediums each year. We’ve compiled the most recent stats, so you can stay on top of the industry as it changes. You will find the answers to the following questions: 1. How much

4 Tips for Athletes Looking to Improve Social Media Presence

Last week we took a look at some tips brands can use in order improve their social media presence. This week, we focus on the other side of the equation, the athletes. Let’s take a look at some tips athletes can use in order to improve their social media presence.   1. Embrace Social Media