2015 NBA Social Media Playoffs: Conference Semi-Finals

Blue Folding Seats at an Indoor Sports Arena

Eight NBA teams are showing their true colors this week as we take on a new edition of “NBA Social Media Playoffs”. Since we’re big fans of social media, we’re taking these matches to Twitter instead of the court to find out which team holds the most Twitter followers and who leverages the most social media power.

Atlanta Hawks versus Washington Wizards | opendorse blog

WINNER: Washington Wizards by 5,592,181 more followers


Chicago Bulls versus Cleveland Cavaliers | opendorse blog

WINNER: Cleveland Cavaliers by 18,597,709 more followers


Houston Rockets versus Los Angeles Clippers | opendorse blog

WINNER: Los Angeles Clippers by 216,946 more followers


Golden State Warriors versus Memphis Grizzlies | opendorse blog

WINNER: Golden State Warriors by 1,511,673 more followers


Did you miss the last round of NBA social media playoffs? You can catch it here.


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