2015 NBA Social Media Playoffs: Round One

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The NBA Playoffs are well underway and so far the Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have advanced to the next round. We decided to check out the teams dominating off the court and on social media.

Below, we’ll analyze how many Twitter followers each team has by combining all of the active player’s followers on Twitter. We’ll also take a close look at the average total of followers each team member has.

Chicago Bulls versus Milwaukee Bucks | opendorse blog

WINNER: Chicago Bulls by 5,848,689 more followers


Cleveland Cavaliers versus Boston Celtics | opendorse blog

WINNER: Cleveland Cavaliers by 24,493,230 more followers


Toronto Rapters versus Washington Wizards | opendorse blog

WINNER: Washington Wizards by 4,502,220 more followers


Golden State Warriors versus New Orleans Pelicans | opendorse blog

WINNER: Golden State Warriors by 1,914,679 more followers


Houston Rockets versus Dallas Mavericks | opendorse blog

WINNER: Houston Rockets by 5,476,598 more followers


Los Angeles Clippers versus San Antonio Spurs

WINNER: Los Angeles Clippers by 4,519,049 more followers


The Cleveland Cavaliers take the lead with a whopping 25 million followers. It’s not doubt they’re at the top of their game, but who will trail close behind? As teams begin to advance to the next round in the playoffs, maybe we will find a new reigning champ to steal the spotlight.

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