Time for #SB50 Agencies To Get Serious about Social Media

Advertisers dropped about $4.5 million per 30-second spot aired during the Super Bowl 49 broadcast. The premiere buy placed their advertisement in front of approximately 115 million consumers who tuned in to the Big Game. This year, advertisers are expected to ante up, paying an eye-popping $5 million price tag. Assuming a similar viewership, that will provide Super

Inside the opendorse Top 100

This summer, we released the Top 100 Highest-Earning Athlete Endorsers in professional sports. Familiar names littered the leaderboard: Federer, Woods, James, et al. While the superstars were expected, we found that a little digging could provide further insight into the sports marketing industry. With that in mind, we began to investigate the opendorse Top 100 and analyze the data within. Here’s what we found.

McGregor Aims to Become “Notorious” in Endorsement World

UFC fans will witness one of the most-hyped bouts in recent history this Saturday. Jose Aldo Jr. and Conor McGregor have been awaiting the fight since January. Previously slated to take place in July at UFC 189, Aldo was forced to withdraw due to injury. Chad Mendes, filling for the injured Aldo, was promptly defeated by McGregor. The

sponsored social mistakes avoid
3 Sponsored Social Mistakes for Strategists to Avoid

Sponsored social media activations have become a key component to any athlete endorsement campaign. This strategy has proven to be effective in reaching and engaging highly passionate, attentive audiences. But campaign success entails more than just paying an athlete, producing the content, and watching the engagements pile up.   When properly executed, athlete social media

Endorsement Battle Royale: Comparing the Top 5 Earners Per Sport

Athletes like LeBron, Ronaldo, and Federer stand above their counterparts in the field of play and in endorsement marketing success. They get the biggest deals, the biggest brands, and the most exposure. But we wanted to find out which sport has the most marketable stars beyond just the biggest name. So, we decided to look