Copa America Marketing guide
Copa America: A Massive Moment for Marketers

The soccer bug could finally be coming to North America. This summer, the U.S. will host its biggest soccer event since the 1994 World Cup—Copa America Centenario. The tournament includes sixteen countries from North, Central, and South America, and will be played in ten major U.S. markets. In addition to several of soccer’s premier countries, the tournament will feature

Indiana Basketball #smsports social media
The Inside Scoop Into Indiana Basketball’s Social Media Strategy

Indiana Basketball is on a roll. Yes, they took down Kentucky in last weekend’s matchup between perennial basketball powers. But the team is just as hot off the court, populating its Twitter and Instagram feeds with some of the best content in college basketball. All business. A video posted by Indiana Men’s Basketball (@indianambb) on Mar 23,

March Madness Social Media Bracket
Social Media Madness: #SMSports Final Four

The only thing better than your Twitter feed during the NCAA Tournament’s first weekend was the play on the court. There were GIFs, video, and up-to-the-minute updates. Most importantly, there was emotion. From the glory of victory, to the agony of defeat, social media teams expertly crafted and shared content that captured the highs and lows that make

Social Media Madness: The Tournament’s Best Teams on Social

The intensity of March Madness stretches far beyond the players, coaches, and athletic administration. In recent years, a new group that has emerged under the tournament’s bright lights: digital and social media departments of tournament teams are now performing on the big stage. In an industry where innovation takes days, not years, these digital media

How UFC Stars Engage Fans on Social Media

The UFC’s top fighters are marketable by nature. They have fought their way to the top, earning the adulation of the growing mixed martial arts fan base along the way. This recognition generally leads to large social media followings. Fans want to know what’s going on in the lives of their favorite athletes, so they