3 Techniques to Boost Fall Campaigns

As the endless days of summer are coming to a close, the changing leaves of fall are upon us. Fall means more than apple cider and cooler weather. Fall brings the much anticipated football season, a time that football fanatics have been counting down to since the season ended a long six months ago. With the pre-season games starting as early as next week, and the regular season only about a month away, brands will soon begin showcasing their campaigns while taking advantage of different marketing strategies.

As the spotlight shifts to NFL players, many brands will begin to use the players’ influential power to leverage their brand. Why wait until the biggest game of the year to attract consumers? Start now! As the season quickly approaches, we look at three techniques that will boost your fall campaign.

1. Season Long Campaign

A great way to consistently engage consumers is by engaging with them on a weekly basis. A weekly campaign will aim at bringing fans closer to the players, teams, and football as a whole. Last year Pepsi created an ultimate fan experience by asking fans “Are you fan enough?” This marketing strategy connected all sides of the game of football. Throughout the season, Pepsi unveiled surprises and news that eventually led up to the Super Bowl. This type of campaign consistently grasps the attention of fans, while keeping them on the edge of their seat until the following week.


2. Specific Athlete Campaign

Know your brand and know who works best with your brand. The connection between Aaron Rodgers’ touchdown celebration and the use of his celebration in the State Farm “Discount Double Check” commercials is memorable. It’s very easy to tie the commercial to his signature celebration and utilize an athlete for a campaign.

Another example comes to mind: After his standout season last year, Richard Sherman became this year’s #mamasboy for Campbell’s Chunky soup. By capitalizing on a few key factors, Campbell’s nailed it on the head by choosing the correct athlete. Sherman is very close to his mom, passionate about the game, and has a unique personality that fits well with the campaign.


3. Big Game Campaigns

Big time games grab everyone’s attention. Whether it’s the best quarterbacks in the league going head to head or the best records in the division, spotlight games snag significant awareness. This is a perfect time to push campaigns. Every Monday Night Football campaign could lead up to the biggest of them all: the Super Bowl. Brands can capitalize on athlete influencers when all the attention is on them. Their leveraging power peaks during the biggest games of the year. There is only 60 minutes of actual game play during a football game, yet typically, the game lasts over three hours. With fans constantly refreshing their Twitter and Instagram feeds, brands can blast campaigns through social media to capitalize on the buzz, while increasing awareness.


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