3 Ways Influencers Add Value to Your Holiday Campaign

Holiday Campaign

We know there is an increased amount of money spent around the holiday season from buying gifts, attending parties and indulging in delicious holiday foods. Companies are developing creative holiday campaigns to out-perform their competitors and attract consumers when they are more likely to spend. But how can powerful influencers add increased value to those creative campaigns? We take a look at three techniques that you should explore while developing your next holiday campaign.


1. Develop a holiday specific #hashtag

#Hashtags have become a form of language in today’s world. Have any of you seen the video with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, communicating to each other almost solely in the form of #hashtags? Okay, let’s be honest, it’s not quite that bad, but you get the point.

In general, tweets with #hashtags will receive twice the amount of engagement as a tweet without one. By developing a specific hashtag associated with the holidays, engagement rates increase because of the interactivity from followers, plus using the influence of a powerful athlete/celebrity increases the likelihood of your campaign going viral.

Let’s take a look at a few brands who have capitalized on holiday specific #hashtags:

Target: #MyKindOfHoliday > > engaging users to share their holiday traditions and memories

Schwinn Bikes: #10DaysofHolidayGiveaways > > encouraging consumers to visit social media outlets by promoting a bike giveaway (which brings us to our next point…)


2. Create a holiday giveaway or sweepstakes contest

When consumers hear the word ‘free’ or ‘giveaway’, they instantly jump at the chance to be the big winner, especially around the holiday season.  Not only does the contest create increased traffic to the company’s site, it also helps spike social engagement with the influencer, as well as the company.

In 2013, the average engagement rate of a contest-themed opendorse campaign was 1.04%, more than 4x higher than the average online engagement rate (0.22%).

Let’s take a look at a few brands/influencers who have capitalized on a giveaway or sweepstakes contest:

Theotis Beasley > > holiday gift basket with a Bakers skateboard, Stance socks, Skull Candy headphones and some Diamond Supply Co. gear

TwitChange & Troy Polamalu > > Steeler tickets

Tony Hawk > > Tony Hawk Twitter Hunt


3. Tie to a good cause and emotion

The holiday season is known as a time for giving. Connecting with consumers with a good story warms hearts and opens eyes to the power of helping those who are less-fortunate during the season. One particular athlete does exactly that by providing select children from Child Protection Services 80 seconds to grab as many toys from Toys”R”Us. Andre Johnson is in his seventh year of spreading his giving spirit to those children who are less fortunate.

Another way to tie in emotion is by using events to benefit a charity. Community members are willing to attend events to benefit local charities due to the raw emotion people experience when participating in a good deed.


Holiday campaigns are the perfect excuse to try something out of the ‘norm’ when it comes to your marketing strategies. Take advantage of the giving season and give your company a leg-up on the competition.


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