4 Tips for Brands Looking to Improve Social Media Presence

4 Tips for Brands Looking to Improve Social Media Presence

Creating an active and dynamic social media channel is no small task. Simply copying others may not necessarily create the results you are looking for and most certainly will not help you stand out from the crowd. Luckily, much like the greatest sports heroes and legends look for tips to improve their game, we offer you some tips to improve your brand’s social media presence.


1. Find and Use Your Brand’s Own Voice

Understanding your brand’s own unique voice will aid you in getting everything else right, including the content you create and share with others and the tone you speak with customers via social media sites like Twitter. Your customers already love you for who you are, so your best bet is to remain your tried and true self. If you try to be anything other than yourself, consumers will sense it and move on. An outstanding example of a brand using its voice on social media is DiGiorno Pizza’s Twitter account. They often post humorous tweets and contribute their thoughts on current events as you can see from the tweets below.


2. Actively Create and Initiate Engagement

Filling your feed with a mix of different content including posts, photos, videos, etc is a great start to get people talking. Further create social engagement by using caption contests, surveys or asking open ended questions in order to stir up discussions.

Try creating a hashtag which goes along with an event or challenge that your customers can be a part of. This allows your customers to hashtag, upload and share their own photos and experiences with your brand. It is also a great way for others to see real people using and enjoying your brand.

How about creating a scavenger hunt in which contestants receive clues via Twitter and have the chance to win prizes. All these are great ways to engage your audience. MasterCard put this tactic to use on Opening Day of the MLB season by asking their followers questions and encouraging them to respond with their answers using hashtags for a chance to win prizes.


3. Use a Call to Action

Your messages should contain a call to action that will help you reach your campaign goals. Maybe you want to steer the reader somewhere? Try using phrases like “Check this out” or “Click here to learn more.” Want to spark a discussion between consumers? Ask a question. Maybe you are trying to convert a customer. Then let them know how easy it is to sign up with you. Looking for a retweet? Politely ask using a simple phrase like “Please Retweet”.

Keep in mind, you don’t want to sound too pushy or salesy in your campaign messages or call to action. This is where knowing your brand’s voice and image comes in to play. If you already have your voice nailed down, effective call to action phrases will effortlessly write themselves. TaylorMade Golf used a call to action strategy recently on Twitter encouraging followers to check out their newly released products. The tweet provided links to drive traffic to their website.


4. Listen to Your Customers

Who would have guessed listening to your customers pays off BIG? By listening to your customers you can create campaigns with messages that will connect and resonate with them.

This is especially true during new product development. Who better to design and promote your new products than your own consumers. Social media gives brands the opportunity to co-create with shoppers. By inviting customers to share their ideas and feedback on products so they can feel like a partner of the company, giving them an interest in the brand. In this way, they are more likely to become advocates of the brand and will create a buzz around new products and their launches.

A new product launch is a great time to use an endorser. If the right endorser, say an athlete for example, is used it can generate buzz. This newly created buzz can be shared through social media and spark consumer interest, like Carmelo Anthony’s tweets asking fans opinions on his line of Jordan Footwear. Not sure who to choose? No sweat. We got you covered here.


Go Put These Tips in Action!

Now that we’ve dropped some knowledge, it’s time to put it to use. Head over to opendorse and sign up (for free) so your business can use these tips when creating a custom athlete endorsement.

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