5 Sports Apps Every Die-Hard Fan Should Download

Brought to you by guest blogger Patrick Hayes (@PatrickMHayes).

No matter what sports you follow, there is a good chance that you are using a smartphone or mobile device to get the latest scores, news and coverage of your favorite teams or big time games. Sports are a worldwide obsession and the love for sports is evident with the amount of access today’s apps provide. You can basically be in the huddle while you’re sitting on your couch. Here are 5 sports apps we think every die-hard fan should download:

ESPN SportsCenter App

1.  ESPN SportsCenter:

From the NFL to MMA fighting, this app covers global sporting events that allow you to follow your favorite team on and off the field. You won’t miss a beat with breaking news notifications and game updates as they occur. This free app is a must if you want to follow your favorite teams or the day’s big games


Bleacher Report App

2. Bleacher Report’s Team Stream:

Access from websites, blogs, news sources and Bleacher Report’s own articles allows you to catch breaking news, videos and pictures featuring the teams you follow. Be the first to know what is happening around the sports world with real-time notifications.

Yahoo_Sports3. Yahoo Sports:

Not by a TV to watch the end of a close game? No problem. Yahoo Sports offers a play-by-play of the game providing the look of the field or court and where the ball is spotted or the shot was taken from. Quick and important details regarding a player, team or game make this app stand out.

NBA Game Time App

4. NBA Game Time:

Be able to have live look-ins to moments in the NBA and track your favorite team through scores, highlights and video. Subscribing allows you to watch every out-of-market game live on your mobile device. When a game is down to the wire, expect a notification telling you to watch that game now!

ESPN_Fantasy5. ESPN Fantasy Football:

Forget to set your fantasy football team and you only have a few minutes until game time? This app allows you to quickly set your roster, manage your team, and boost your knowledge on players and teams to guide you to the top of the standings all from the convenience of your smartphone.


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