8 Ways To Make Your Tweets Actionable


Just like a meeting without an agenda, a tweet without a purpose is a waste of everyone’s time.

So what does a tweet need to have to be worth its weight in kilobytes? It needs a clear call to action. Without a call to action, your endorsement marketing goals are will fall flat. All you’ll be left with is a bunch of meaningless content.

We’ll go over 8 different ways you can get your audience to act on the endorsement tweets that they read.


1. Add a hashtag #forthewin

Assuming the hashtag is tied with your brand, this is a great way to encourage your audience to connect with your campaign. Connecting a multi-faceted campaign together with a hashtag will also increase audience click throughs.

PRO: Really good for linking a large number of tweets together (from influencers and your own twitter account).

CON: Probably won’t be your best bet for getting conversions. Try combining with another call to action.


2. Add a direct link to @yourtwitterprofile

Probably the simplest way to provide a call to action to your customer. But just because its simple doesn’t make it ineffective.

This soft-sell approach will definitely help to build a relationship with your customer (as opposed to linking them straight to a product page). You’ll also be directly encouraging a “follow” of your profile.

PRO: A great option if you’re looking to increase your twitter following or if you don’t have a landing page on your site.

CON: Possibly an unnecessary step before a customer can convert.


3. Link to your FB page

For a lot of brands, this is going to be more effective than linking to your twitter page. Just make sure you know how to convert on your FB page. Definitely a great option if your product or service is very visual.

PRO: No additional work to implement.

CON: Facebook is full of distractions. Also, your facebook page can’t suck.


4. Link to your website

Hands down the best option if you have a specific landing page built around this campaign. Bonus points if your customers can convert on the page they landed on.

If your customers can’t convert on that page, however, you might want to design a specific landing page where a conversion is a few strokes away. Regardless of where exactly the customers land, make sure they have a mission when they get there.

PRO: Quickest way to go from impression to conversion.

CON: More of a hard sell. Could be a turn off for some customers.


5. Give a coupon away

This is probably as close to traditional marketing as you can get. While this is proven to be a very effective type of endorsement, your tweet will probably sound more sponsored & less genuine when including a coupon code.

If you want to be really successful with this type of endorsement, try making the coupon exclusive or incorporating the influencers name in the code. We’ve noticed a significant improvement in redemptions if the offer is specific to that influencer.

PRO: Allows you to easily measure the ROI on your endorsements.

CON: A lot of work to make a coupon specifically for one influencer. More difficult to make the tweet sound geniune.


6. Ask followers to retweet

We like this option because it’s such a harmless request that packs a big punch. For such a small call to action, you not only get engagements but also increase the reach of the initial message.

PRO: Increases conversation about your brand. Increases the reach of the initial message.

CON: Might be difficult to measure success of an individual tweet.


7. Ask a question

Another really good soft-selling approach. Asking a question in a tweet makes it more likely to be read by an influencer’s followers. In addition, it forces your audience to think about their own answer to the question i.e. think about your brand.

PRO: Very genuine.

CON: You might not want to hear the answers.


8. Tell about an event

Give your audience a clear mission by telling them about an upcoming event. You’re also implying that the influencer is interested in attending.

It’s also a lot easier to encourage sharing & discussion about an event than a product.

PRO: Really good way to get people talking about your upcoming events.

CON: A lot of work to do by itself.

Those are 8 ways to make your tweets more actionable. Whichever you plan to implement, I’d encourage you to think about the “next steps” your audience will take after reading one of your endorsements.


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