#SB50 For Agencies: Campaign Activation


With less than a week between us and Super Bowl 50, you’re sure to have spent weeks, if not months, organizing your athlete social media campaign. You have secured deals with athletes and their agents. The content has been drafted, approved, and scheduled. And now you wait. Assuming the athlete(s) didn’t give you their personal login information, you will have to rely on them or their agent to accurately post the content and any additional media at the agreed upon time.

But here’s the thing: you’re not the only one with a Super Bowl party to attend. The athlete (and probably their agent) does, too. There’s a chance that they are even at the Big Game in Santa Clara. That means that in the midst of a weekend full of friends, family, and nonstop entertainment, the influencer you’ve commissioned will be tasked with remembering when to send your post. Without an activation tool, the success of your campaign lies at the fingertips of the talent.

Scary, huh?

Thankfully, brand and agency marketers can avoid this stress. No manically refreshing your Twitter feed. No frantically calling the agent. And best of all, no explaining to your client why their time-sensitive athlete influencer campaign was left unfulfilled.


With opendorse, you skip the feed-refreshing mayhem. Once the athlete and agent approve the content, it is added to the opendorse activation platform, guaranteeing automatic and accurate, on-time delivery. Whether you’re in an agency war room, or at a party, you’ll be busy enough on Super Bowl Sunday. Let opendorse guarantee the activation.

Using opendorse as an activation tool provides agencies and marketers with:
– Guaranteed on-time activation
– Accurate content and media delivery
– Ability to schedule activations from an unlimited number of athlete influencers
– Ability to schedule interactions between multiple athlete or brand accounts
– Accurate reporting data upon campaign completion

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