Athlete-Driven: How AD Dominated April Fool’s Day


Anthony Davis owns one of the strongest brand identities in the NBA. Since blowing up during his freshman campaign at Kentucky, Davis has become known for two things — transcendent on-court performance and “The Brow.”

Davis and Red Bull paired the strength of his brand identity with athlete-curated content to dominate the social conversation.

Last weekend, Red Bull and Davis, a brand ambassador since 2012, paired his brand identity with athlete-curated content to dominate the social conversation around April Fool’s Day. Davis launched the campaign with a Twitter poll asking his followers if he should finally shave the unibrow. He followed the poll with the unthinkable — sharing the below video to his social channels and emerging with a clean set of eyebrows.

Davis debunked the previous post on April Fool’s Day, posting a picture of “The Brow” in all its glory to each of his social channels. For the second time last weekend, Davis and Red Bull’s prank had gone viral.

The campaign earned more than 9 million video views and 1.3 million total engagements across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In the past seven days, Davis’ social following has grown by over 120 thousand followers, and 90 thousand new followers on Instagram alone.

  • + 9 million video views
  • + 1.3 million social engagements
  • + 120 thousand new followers

The April Fools campaign helped Davis build his brand by further cementing his identity as The Brow and engaging millions of fans in the process. For Red Bull, their connection to the NBA’s premier big man has never been stronger. The brand proved once again that it is second-to-none when it comes to creating and distributing media that impacts its audience. The athlete-sponsor duo won the weekend with engaging, athlete-driven content that proved authentic to both brands.

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