Athlete-Driven: The brand behind Baker


Baker Mayfield has built one of the strongest athlete brands in the 2018 NFL Draft. From walk-on journeyman to Heisman Trophy winner, the former OU signal caller has molded his brand around an unmatched passion and drive to win. While that gameday emotion has propelled him to the highest levels of the sport, it has also invited scrutiny from media.

Rather than hiding his powerful personality, Mayfield is putting it on display with Behind Baker, an athlete-driven content series featuring his journey to the draft. The series is primarily distributed through Mayfield’s personal social channels. By taking a channel-driven approach, Mayfield is able to share this incredibly authentic content directly with his audience, rather than through a third-party publisher.

True to athlete-driven form, the content pushed through Mayfield’s channels has engaged his audience at impressive levels. Just the series’ teaser content has earned more than 100 thousand views in the past two days on his owned channels.

+ 100 thousand video views

As the Draft nears, look for Mayfield’s social brand to be on the rise as fans of teams near the top of the draft flock to Behind Baker for a first-person look at their possible quarterback of the future.

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