As one of the most prolific young players in the MLB, Alex Bregman justifiably carries himself with a certain swagger. In his second season as a big leaguer, the Houston Astros third basemen has firmly established himself as an offensive powerhouse and MVP candidate. Bregman’s swagger, combined with on-field success, has helped the All-Star build one of the strongest up-and-coming brands in baseball.

As the Astros’ season came to a close, Bregman took to social to partner with T-Mobile and promote its Home Runs for Hurricane Recovery (#HR4HR) initiative throughout Major League Baseball’s 2018 World Series.

Last year, Hurricane Harvey tore through the Southeastern United States and caused catastrophic flooding in the Houston metro area. In a four-day period, the city received more than 40 inches of rain, displacing nearly 30 thousand residents and inflicting an estimated $125 billion in damage. In the wake of the hurricane, T-Mobile partnered with Team Rubicon, a veteran service organization that assists with natural disaster relief, to announce its Home Run for Hurricane Recovery (#HR4HR) initiative. The initiative guaranteed a $5,000 donation for every home run hit in the World Series and $1 per #HR4HR post on Twitter or Instagram.

Just as it did in 2017, T-Mobile announced its #HR4HR initiative during the 2018 World Series, this year doubling its relief donation to $10,000 for every home run and $2 for every tweet or Instagram post using the hashtag. 

+775K Video Views in three days

True to athlete-driven form, the content pushed through Bregman’s channels has engaged his audience at impressive levels. The single tweet has earned more than 775 thousand views in the past three days.