Athlete-Driven: Donovan Mitchell calls game… blouses


Every few days, an athlete-driven social post “stops the internet.” Last week, it was Baker Mayfield’s pre-draft Brett Favre tribute. This week, it’s Donovan Mitchell pairing a big moment from last night’s win with an iconic cultural reference.

+ 55X average post performance

+ 100 thousand engagements

Mitchell shared the picture of his putback dunk (a viral moment of its own) from Utah’s win at Houston. The image bears a striking resemblance to The Chappelle Show’s Prince character from one of the show’s most famous skits. In the skit, Chappelle’s Prince seals a basketball game with a dunk, declaring, “Game… blouses.” Mitchell borrowed Prince’s line for his tweet’s copy and lit NBA Twitter on fire.

The post is a microcosm of how athletes can win on social. By pairing the visual media that fans crave with the pop culture references that thrive on Twitter and Instagram, athletes will earn more engagements, more followers, and a stronger social brand. Mitchell has sworn by these tactics for much of his rookie season and has one of the NBA’s strongest social brands to show for it.

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