Athlete-Driven: Embiid puts a mask on The Process


Joel Embiid is one of the best social follows in sports. From throwing the NBA’s most creative shade, to being his teammates’ biggest fan, “The Process” just kills it. NBA players are some of the most social-savvy in sports, but few can authentically weave their brand from the court, to interviews and appearances, to their social channels as seamlessly as Embiid.

We could go on for pages about Embiid’s brand adoption of “Trust The Process,” or his media company-like commitment to programming each of his social handles as unique channels. Instead, we’re here to display the latest and greatest from Philly’s basketball unicorn.

This is an athlete who is 100% bought-in to the brand he is building.

Since suffering a facial injury on March 28, Embiid had remained relatively quiet on Instagram. He shared a post promising to “Trust the Process” the next day and followed up with consistent (and hilarious) tweets during his recovery. Wednesday, Embiid returned to Instagram for the first time in almost two weeks to give fans a sneak peek of what’s to come.

This is an athlete who is 100% bought-in to the brand he is building. There’s no hesitation or concern about perception, just fire content that his fans and followers love. Embiid manages to poke fun at his appearance, drop two pop culture references, and plug his self-claimed nickname, all while staying true to the brand.

  • + 2.9X average post performance
  • + 365 thousand engagements
  • + 15% engagement rate

Predictably, Embiid’s audience loved it. According to Crowdtangle, the post has performed 2.9 times stronger than his average Instagram post. It has racked up over 365 thousand engagements, earning him the highest engagement rate for NBA players over the past seven days at an incredible 15%.

When it comes to brand building on social, we Trust the Process.

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