The athlete-driven leaders from NFL training camp


NFL training camp is back in full swing and so are the league’s athlete-driven leaders on social. The players put the pads back on and are again surrounded by production teams that capture their every move. Between the preseason passion from fanbases and the influx of new content, this time of year presents a huge opportunity for athletes and teams to work together to build their brands.


NFL players have driven 17 million engagements and 7 million video views on social since training camps kicked off.

We analyzed each post from more than 1,400 NFL players throughout the first week of NFL training camps (7/26-8/2) to find the athletes and organizations that stand out above that rest.

During this timeframe, the players shared 3,360 posts to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, resulting in almost 17 million engagements and more than 7 million video views.

Week 1: the NFL's most engaging players

1. Antonio Brown

+ 2.37 million engagements

+ 28 posts

2. Tom Brady

+ 1.35 million engagements

+ 5 posts


3. JuJu Smith-Schuster

+ 1.18 million engagements

+ 18 posts

JuJu Smith-Schuster@TeamJuJu

Training Camp Mood!! 🔥🔥🙌🏾🙌🏾

Embedded video
4,554 people are talking about this
4. Cam Newton

+ 1.06 million engagements

+ 21 posts

5. Tyrann Mathieu

+ 655 thousand engagements

+ 30 posts


Top athlete-driven teams

In addition to individual players, we also broke down the NFL’s top athlete-driven teams, as measured by the players’ activity, engagements, video views, and growth throughout the first week of training camp.

Carried by league-leading performances from Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster, the Steelers dominated the team rankings for engagement and video views, while landing inside the top five for activity and growth. See how the rest of the league stacked up below.

Player activity by team

Player activity by team
Panthers — 186 posts
Steelers — 180 posts
Falcons — 162 posts
Texans — 145 posts
NFL Average — 105 post

Player engagements by team

Steelers — 3.8 Million Engagements
Patriots — 1.6 Million Engagements
Texans — 1.5 Million Engagements
Panthers — 1.1 Million Engagements
Cowboys — 1.1 Million Engagements
NFL Average — 530.3 Thousand Engagements

Player video views by team

Steelers — 4.4 Million Video Views
Seahawks — 521.1 Thousand Video Views
Browns — 336.9 Thousand Video Views
Redskins — 265.7 Thousand Video Views
Jets — 264.3 Thousand Video Views
NFL Average — 228.8 Thousand Video Views

Player follower growth by team

Giants — 93.6 Thousand Followers
Steelers — 85.3 Thousand Followers
Cowboys — 62 Thousand Followers
Browns — 39.7 Thousand Followers
Jets — 264.3 Thousand Video Views
NFL Average — 24.8 Thousand Followers

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