Athlete-Driven: Phil Wins the Day on Twitter


Phil Mickelson made noise off the course this morning, announcing his arrival to Twitter with a quick wink. The social network went wild welcoming Lefty, as did his follower-count, exploding from zero to more than 60 thousand followers in the first seven hours.


Phil earned over 60K new followers in just seven hours.

But Phil wasn’t done. After Tiger Woods took to Twitter to announce the long-anticipated one-on-one match between the two legends, Phil was back to talk some smack. Tiger and Phil fired four more tweets to each other. Pre-planned or not, the back-and-forth following the announcement created real buzz on Twitter. The lighthearted beef brought more eyeballs to the match and to Phil’s brand new platform. All told, Phil lived his first day on Twitter the fullest. In less than 12 hours, he built a valuable new outlet to connect with fans and assist partners. We can’t wait to see what @PhilMickelson has in store for us tomorrow.

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