Athlete-Driven: Serena starts a new chapter with Lincoln


Serena Williams and Lincoln Motor Company have joined forces to present Serena’s new chapter alongside her infant daughter and the Lincoln Navigator. The parties have authentically integrated the Lincoln brand with Serena’s story, providing a real connection that can be rare in sponsored social content.

  • + 10 million video views
  • + 850 thousand views per post

The campaign’s content is comprised of Williams narrating her journey over video clips from the tennis court and with her daughter in Lincoln’s Navigator. More notably, clips and pictures that look to be curated from Serena’s Snapchat or Instagram Stories appear throughout each spot.

The campaign is built to be athlete-driven.

By pairing Serena’s first-person narrative and home video content with the brand footage, the campaign is built to be athlete-driven. It just feels right that her social channels are the primary point of distribution behind this campaign. #Ad or not, Serena and Lincoln tell an athlete-driven story that stays true to both brands.

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