Athlete-Driven: Shaqtin’ on Instagram


Shaq and Cycle Media formed an all-star duo on Instagram last night. Cycle, the sports and pop culture media company, is one of the best in the game at creating timely content that connects sports with the culture of social media.

Following a heartbreaking Game One loss for the Cavs in which LeBron dropped a cool 51, Cycle shared the post below — a microcosm of the game in meme-form.

What stands out about Cycle’s post isn’t the content itself — they routinely kill it during big sports events — but the athlete-driven distribution. The post received a Shaq-sized boost when the big man shared it to his personal Instagram channel.


+ 163 thousand - Cycle's video views

+ 1.3 million - Shaq's video views

+ 5X - Shaq's average post performance

The content was on the money for Shaq’s audience. The post performed 5X higher than the average post to his channels, earning more than 1.3 million video views and 185 thousand engagements.

Whether the parties collaborated or Shaq shared it on his own, both channels came away with a big athlete-driven win.

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