Athlete-Driven: Workout SZN in the NFL


Watch your favorite sports talk show and you’re sure to see the eye-rolls directed at that offseason workout posts that athletes often share. The talking heads may be quick to dismiss these as overshares and “who cares?” but the reality is that this content is curated and shared with strategic purpose — the athletes’ social audiences love it.

There’s something about a video of an athlete grinding in the gym that gets fans fired up. Maybe it’s the behind-the-scenes level of access. Maybe it’s the promise of improvement or the commitment to their craft. It might be as fundamental as seeing the building blocks of the on-field product. Whatever it is, it works.

As NFL players left for training camps this week, many gave their fans one last look at the work put in this offseason. Below are a few of the top over-performing workout posts shared by NFL players in the past week.

+ 6.3X average post performance

+ 41K video views

+ 6.5K engagements

Sunday Funday… #Dedication #HardWork + #Patience #BZN11 @bznlyfe ?: @fadishotit

A post shared by Marvin Jones Jr (@marvinjonesjr) on

+ 6.1X average post performance

+ 24K video views

+ 10.5K engagements


A post shared by ♛Chandler Jones (@chanjones55) on

+ 6X average post performance

+ 50K engagements

Back to my regularly scheduled programming…. #Year8 ?: @jayspinks12

A post shared by Tyrod Taylor (@tytaylor) on

+ 3.3X average post performance

+ 47K video views

+ 13K engagements

? ? @cporter_

A post shared by Todd Gurley (@tg4hunnid) on

+ 3.2X average post performance

+ 136K video views

+ 28K engagements

One day at a time❗️ • #skrineway • ???

A post shared by Buster Skrine (@busterskrine) on

+ 2.3X average post performance

+ 1.3K engagements

Jimmy Buckets ……working all summer….

A post shared by Antonio Brown (@ab) on

+ 2.2X average post performance

+ 70K engagements

War Ready! ? @nicolarinaldo

A post shared by Latavius Murray (@lataviusmurray) on

+ 2.2X average post performance

+ 12K engagements


A post shared by JJ Watt (@jjwatt) on

+ 2.1X average post performance

+ 234K engagements

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