Athlete-Driven: Venus keeps it in the family


Venus and Serena Williams have spent more than two decades building their fanbases on the court and beyond. While their stardom may have started with a racket in-hand, both have established powerful brands that extend well past the baseline.

This morning, Venus gave Serena a shoutout from Roland-Garros with treated highlights of their prior doubles match.


+ 3.1X average post performance

+ 78 thousand video views

Anytime an athlete posts a video highlight from a recent performance, engagement numbers go through the roof. Throw in dynamic content and a shoutout to your sister who happens to be one of the most dominant athletes of all time, and performance is primed to reach record highs.

Sports properties, publishers, and brands are creating athlete-focused content similar to this at thousands of sporting events each year. Venus’ post is more proof that it’s time to start putting that content back in the athletes’ hands.

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