Athlete Endorsement Industry News – January 3, 2014

Athlete Endorsement Industry News Jan 3

At opendorse, we keep tabs on the news and resources impacting the athlete endorsement industry. Whether you’re a brand looking to learn from your peers, or an agent wanting to track trends, we’ve got you covered. 


Here’s what we’re reading this week:


Darya Klishina Will Be the Next European Female Athletic Endorsement Queen

Meet Darya Klishina:

opendorse perspective: Could Darya be the next Maria Sharapova? Not only is she extremely athletic, she has also made an appearance in the modeling industry, creating twice the exposure.


The Old-School Basketball Shoes That Stepped Up Endorsement Deals

Check out the basketball shoe that changed the endorsement industry:

opendorse perspective: The story of the Chuck Taylor shoe is a great example of a product that paved the way for years to come. We bet nobody ever thought it would make such a huge impact in the endorsement marketing game…


The Five Most Influential Sports Endorsements on the Web

What are the most influential sports endorsement on the web?:

opendorse perspective: Encouraging engagement from fans, using athletes who are highly engaged online and including humor propelled these endorsements to the top spots on the web.


What LeBron, Kobe Bryant & Derrick Rose Endorsement Deals are Worth

LeBron, Kobe and D Rose each have outrageous deals, but who is endorsement king of the NBA?:

opendorse perspective: In terms of dollars, LeBron takes the crown with $42 million in endorsements (70% of his yearly earnings). All three athletes take pride in their personal brand and who they partner with – which provides them with high-paying deals from multiple companies.


Athletes Catch Fire, or Get Burned, on Social Media

For Julian Edelman, the rewards of social media outweigh the risk:

opendorse perspective: Edelman understands the balance between social media and personal branding. He worked on expanding his social media presence even before his breakout season this year. Athletes, take notes on how to improve your personal brand through the power of social media.


Fresh Off the Blog:

A Look at What's Ahead in 2014

Along with the growth in the athlete endorsement market, there have been some trends which have emerged and helped shape the guidelines for athlete endorsements. Keeping these trends in mind when your brand is creating an athlete endorsement can increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

See the trends > > > 


Top 100 Highest Paid Athlete Endorsers 2013

In 2013, these 100 athletes brought in a total of over $772 MILLION in athlete endorsements. This accounts for over 70% of the estimated $1.1 billion spent on athlete endorsements each year. This list is a tribute to the athletes that are dominating the athlete endorsement industry.

See the list in full > > >


Tips from the Blog:

Last College Football Game

Guest blogger, Kelly Mallard, Athlete Lead here at opendorse, shares her pointers with athletes who are in the transition stage from college to the NFL.

Read more here >>


Welp, that’s all we’ve got for this week, folks. Be sure to check back next week for more athlete endorsement industry news and the following blog posts:

Monday: 5 Proven Ways of Getting Celebrities to Endorse Your Business

Wednesday: The NFL Pro Bowl: Who’s Heading to Hawaii and Who’s Been Left in the Cold?


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