Athlete Endorsement Industry News – October 18, 2013

Athlete Endorsement Industry News October 18, 2013

At opendorse, we keep tabs on the news and resources impacting the athlete endorsement industry. Whether you’re a brand looking to learn from your peers, or an agent wanting to track trends, we’ve got you covered. 

Here’s what we’re reading this week:

Texans Running Back Arian Foster Buys Stake in Chia-Bar Maker

Don’t count Arian Foster as one of the athletes pushing junk food. In fact, the Texans running back has recently invested in and agreed to act as an ambassador for “supersnack” brand, Health Warrior.

opendorse perspective: Arian Foster understands that he can’t be contradictory when it comes to endorsing products, that’s a big reason he chose to make an investment in a healthy snack.

The Epic Race to Sign Wiggins to Shoe Deal

Nike and adidas appear ready to shell out the big bucks to secure a shoe deal with freshman hoops phenom Andrew Wiggins.

opendorse perspective: Rising stars, like Andrew Wiggins, who haven’t even debuted in his first college game, are already accruing big-time interest from shoes companies like adidas and Nike. Think this shows how big the athlete endorsement industry really is? We do!

Want a Piece of a Star Athlete? Now, You Really Can Buy One

Fantex Holdings will announce the opening of a marketplace for investors to buy and sell interests in professional athletes:

opendorse perspective: Fans are now able to be even more involved with professional athletes through Fantex Holdings. What an interesting concept!

Fresh Off The Blog:


The Most Marketable NBA Athletes of the 2013-14 Season

The hoops season is about to tip off so we thought what better time than now to examine some of the most marketable NBA athletes. Which one of these ballers is the right endorser for your brand?

In this blog post, we took a look at the top five NBA athletes who are pushing products left and right, but also looked at three athletes who are “next-in-line” as well as four players who may not be as well known to fans, but are primed to shine soon enough.

Read more here >>

Welp, that’s all we’ve got for this week, folks. Be sure to check back next week for more athlete endorsement industry news and the following blog posts:

Monday: Demise and Rise: Athletes Back on Top of Their Endorsement Game

Wednesday: Case Study – Leveraging a Legend to Drive Website Traffic and Boost Online Sales

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