Athlete Endorsement Industry News – October 25, 2013

Athlete Endorsement Industry News

At opendorse, we keep tabs on the news and resources impacting the athlete endorsement industry. Whether you’re a brand looking to learn from your peers, or an agent wanting to track trends, we’ve got you covered. 

Here’s what we’re reading this week:


Procter & Gamble Co. (PG) gears up for Winter Olympics

P&G has backed 15 Olympic hopefuls in preparation for the Sochi Winter Olympics:

opendorse perspective: By supporting these Olympic athletes, Procter & Gamble is showing their trust and commitment to those who they believe have a large amount of influence over potential consumers.


Old Spice Marketing: Still Riding on the Man Your Man Could Smell Like?

Denver receiver Wes Welker has created significant social buzz in Old Spice’s latest ad campaign:

opendorse perspective: Of all the celebrities partnering with Old Spice, Wes Welker crushed his opponents in the number of mentions from September 23rd to October 15th. This is proof of an athlete influencer to brands!


Would Michael Jordan Be as Popular as Kobe If Social Media Existed in His Era?

At fifty years of age, Michael Jordan can still dominate ESPN headlines. Had Jordan played in the social media age, his legend (and vices) would be even more amplified:

opendorse perspective: As athletes progress through their time in the spotlight, there are many opportunities both on and off the field to develop their personal brand. Michael Jordan did just that.


Fresh Off The Blog:

Demise and Rise

Demise and Rise: Athletes Back on Top of Their Endorsement Game

America is known as a forgiving society. If someone makes a mistake but offers a sincere apology, Americans likely are willing to forgive and move forward.

The same can be said for athletes and endorsements. Here are three athletes who have made blunders causing them to lose fame and endorsements, but have since returned to the endorsement game and are now representing some of the largest brands in the world.

Read more here >>


Case Study: Husker Faithful

Ecommerce Case Study

Leveraging a Legend to Drive Website Traffic and Boost Online Sales

This e-commerce business did their homework before selecting Eric Crouch to endorse their online memorabilia store. Their first assignment? Clearly understanding the demographics of their target market. Their second assignment? Partnering with a top influencer within their target market. To get the passing grade, leveraged psychographic data to create compelling messages, resulting in real results for their campaign.

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Welp, that’s all we’ve got for this week, folks. Be sure to check back next week for more athlete endorsement industry news and the following blog posts:

Monday: Top 10 Most Marketable College Athletes Right Now

Wednesday: Case Study – How to Boost Application Downloads Through Celebrity Endorsements


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