Case Study: How One Sunglasses Company Saw a 5X Return on Investment

  Learn how Society43 utilized one influential athlete, Rex Burkhead, to generate a 5X return on investment.   The Challenge Increase awareness of Society43, as well as produce sales of 100 Limited Edition throwback Nebraska Huskers sunglasses.   The Deal Leverage one tweet from athlete Rex Burkhead, former Husker football star, to engage die-hard Nebraska

The State of Sports Sponsorship 2014 | Infographic

The State of Sports Sponsorship 2014 | Infographic The sports sponsorship industry continues to increase, not only in dollars, but different marketing mediums each year. We’ve compiled the most recent stats, so you can stay on top of the industry as it changes. You will find the answers to the following questions: 1. How much

Top 10 Athlete Endorsement Earners by Gender

Male athletes still claim the majority of athlete endorsement deals, but women are beginning to stake their claim as well. As more women increase their influence, more female athletes are signing endorsement deals and earning more opportunities than ever before. Let’s take a closer look at both the highest earning women and men endorsers in

Case Study: Girl Scouts of Nebraska

Learn how the Girl Scouts of Nebraska utilized powerful influencers in the state to drive consumers to find out where they could purchase everybody’s favorite cookies. The Challenge Increase consumer awareness of where Girl Scout cookies were being sold around the state of Nebraska. The Deal Leverage well-timed Twitter endorsements from former Nebraska stand-out athletes and others

Is Age a Factor?

  The age of an athlete can have an effect on their endorsement earning potential. Let’s face it, an athlete’s playing career comes with an expiration date. But, as you’ll see, that doesn’t always mean the same thing for their endorsement career. Let’s take a look at how age plays a factor on the earning

Case Study: How the Next Evolution in Fantasy Sports Created Awareness Using Influencers

  Learn how the “next evolution” in fantasy sports used the professional athletes to help generate buzz about the new site.   The Challenge Increase awareness of Fantasy Hub, while engaging super sports fans to sign-up to play.   The Deal Utilize well-timed Twitter endorsements from three NFL athletes, located across the country, to promote

Top 12 NHL Endorsers

Want the latest info? CLICK HERE to see the Top 100 Highest-Paid Athlete Endorsers of 2015. Hockey fans are some of the most passionate in the game when it comes to rooting for their favorite teams and players. In return, NHL players have some of the highest engagement rates amongst sports fans and offer brands

How an Obstacle Race Utilized Local Influence to Increase Awareness

  Learn how a Lincoln-based obstacle race utilized former Nebraska Cornhusker athletes to increase awareness of the April 26th race. Not only did they capitalize on the popularity of former Nebraska athletes, they also ran the campaign during Super Bowl XLVIII, in which nearly 112 million people tuned-in to watch.   The Challenge Increase awareness

Which Brands Took Home the Medals in Endorsements in Sochi 2014?

The Olympics were full of excitement and drama as participants from all over the globe left it all on the line for a place on the podium. From T.J. Oshie’s four-for-six shootout performance against Team Russia to secure the win for Team USA, to the Dufour-Lapointe sisters holding hands as Justine received gold and sister Chloe

8 Athletes Who Earn More Money from Endorsements than Their Sports Careers

We all know most professional athletes get paid well to play sports. But, it’s crazy to think that some athletes actually make more money from athletic endorsements than from actually playing the sport he/she is so well known for. Ever wonder why that is? In short, athletes are very persuasive and can influence consumer buying