B2B Prospecting Made Possible with Social Media

Generating new, valuable leads is no easy task for B2B sales teams. You can send dozen of cold emails and dial hundreds of unsuspecting prospects… but the reality is, traditional cold sales techniques have gone stale. Those calls and emails that sales teams have relied on? They’re often unwanted. Even if you do get a

Conversions that matter in digital marketing
9 Conversion Metrics You Should be Measuring

You can’t prove that your marketing efforts are successful without measuring the right metrics. Although there are thousands of metrics you can track, conversions are arguably the most important. The ability to measure conversions is a fundamental part of digital marketing that determines if a business is achieving its goals. Every organization has goals specific

Opendorse for Business
Introducing Opendorse For Business™: The solution that unlocks people-powered social media

Today I’m excited to share the launch of Opendorse for Business, a new solution for businesses to streamline content publishing with their people on social media. Opendorse is rooted in sports and helping athletes — that’s who we are and always will be. But from day-one at Opendorse, I have been passionate about the opportunity

The Opportunity with Social Media

What’s possible with social media is largely underestimated and even misunderstood. What businesses and organizations began to look to in the mid-2000s as a group of nice-to-have channels to broadcast company news and converse with fans has become so much more. It’s more than a fun opportunity for an intern. Social is an opportunity to

How to Build A Network

Establishing a network of social media advocates – from ambassadors and employees to athletes and celebrity influencers – is at the core of a successful social media strategy in 2020. While platform algorithms and best-practices change, one truth remains the same: people have the power on social media. The influence of individuals is measurably more

Death of The Single Channel Approach

Too many marketing leaders who understand the importance of social media are still stuck on the single-channel approach. They want to build their channels to reach and engage an ever-growing audience, but a disconnect remains. Growing your owned channels is great. Audience size and engagement are the building blocks of success with social media, and

organic reach on social with ad blockers
Organic Reach and Paid Performance In A World Of Ad Blockers

The average person spends almost 3 hours per day on social media where they interact with the content from the accounts they trust. The problem is that while they’re able to interact with and consume content they care about, there’s also a barrage of ads being shown for things that they may or may not

Influencer Marketing Strategy for eCommerce Brands
Influencer Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Brands

Are influencer marketing campaigns part of your brand strategy? If you want to increase sales, grow brand awareness, and reach a larger audience with your product or service, then keep reading to learn why influencers should be considered in your next marketing plan. What is influencer marketing? Why should your brand consider it? An influencer

Highest paid athlete endorsers of 2019
Top 100 Highest-Paid Athlete Endorsers of 2019

If there’s one thing we learned in 2019, it’s that people are increasingly seeking authenticity. Many athletes, including several of the ones below, are speaking out about how they no longer want to partner with brands just because of the money or exposure — they are seeking to endorse brands with which they really care about