How The NFL Draft Impacted Twitter and Instagram Followers

The NFL Draft did wonders for the Twitter and Instagram accounts of athletes entering the 2015 draft. We tracked the progression rate of popular NFL draftees from the first week of April to the week following the draft. The 2015 NFL Draft coverage led to a further recognition of the players on their social media accounts. Players

2015 NBA Social Media Playoffs: Conference Semi-Finals

Eight NBA teams are showing their true colors this week as we take on a new edition of “NBA Social Media Playoffs”. Since we’re big fans of social media, we’re taking these matches to Twitter instead of the court to find out which team holds the most Twitter followers and who leverages the most social

How Social Media Effects NFL Draft Prospects

The 2015 NFL Draft has officially arrived and we’re taking a look at which prospects are at the top of their social media game.  Today’s athletes face a different challenge than the players who came before them. While on-field performance is still important, how they conduct themselves off the field matters too. Now every tweet,

2015 NBA Social Media Playoffs: Round One

The NBA Playoffs are well underway and so far the Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have advanced to the next round. We decided to check out the teams dominating off the court and on social media. Below, we’ll analyze how many Twitter followers each team has by combining all of the

Social Media March Madness: 2015 Edition

March Madness has come and gone another year. It was a year of upsets, Cinderella stories, and of course a new reigning champion, Duke. Duke wasn’t the only one celebrating in victory, though. Media also won big. In fact, the 2015 Men’s Division I Basketball Championship had the highest average viewership in 22 years. That’s

5 Ways to Establish Trust with Your Influencer’s Audience

Marketing campaigns that are not built on trust between consumers and brands are doomed to fail. When activating influencers to spread your message, it’s important to rely on that trust. Here are five ways to build and establish trust with your audience through using influencer endorsements. 1. Know your audience Going into the campaign, know who

opendorse Raises $1.75 Million to Fuel Growth and Expand Partnerships

Lincoln, NE – April 7, 2015 – opendorse announced today that it has secured an additional $1.75 million in capital for its Series A Financing round, in order to continue its fast growth as the leading endorsement solution in the sports business industry. The round is led by Flyover Capital, a venture capital firm based

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SXSW 2015 Sports and Technology Recap

South by Southwest (SXSW) introduced SWSports, which provided an in-depth look at some of the hottest trends in the industry. By allowing experts to weigh in on multiple panels covering a wide range of topics, we got a snapshot into the future of the industry. The following topics are some of our favorites from SXSports

The 10 Worst Social Media Tips

People give bad advice with good intentions daily. Bad social media advice is no acceptation with the vast amount of tips floating around the web. That’s why opendorse compiled a list of “The 10 Worst Social Media Tips” to save you from listening to well-intended advice that could be hurting your social presence. 1. “Always

Cinderella Story: How Marketers with Small Budgets Can Participate in March Madness Advertising

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has many traditions that are valued by fans. From Selection Sunday to the One Shining Moment video, the tournament is one of the most popular annual sporting events. While everyone will be outfitted in different team colors and clinging to the hope that they’ve finally selected the “perfect” bracket, one