NIL Goes Global: Could International Student-Athletes Have an Advantage?

In the NIL era, the athlete endorsement industry is going to grow 100X in size, from five thousand athletes to 500 thousand athletes overnight, enhancing the competitiveness of the already-challenging market. Of those 500 thousand college athletes, approximately 20 thousand are international student-athletes. For these athletes, there’s an opportunity to stand out with their built-in

Find Your Niche: How Carving Out Your Corner Can Lead to Endorsement Opportunities

Many athletes aren’t natural marketers — and that’s okay. While creators and influencers rely on marketing instincts and strategies to build valuable audiences, athletes have an audience built-in — their fans. But to take the leap from ordinary athlete to endorsement marketing superstar, athletes need to define their personal brand and commit to a series

Approaching Athlete Marketing with Watch-Momentum’s Alec Palmer

After firing off an email in the middle of class, Alec Palmer quickly found himself shooting a video for an athlete who would soon become the most outspoken voice in baseball. Countless shoots and strategy sessions later, Palmer is now Director of Marketing for Watch-Momentum, an athlete-driven media company co-founder by 2020 Cy Young winner

Pursuing Performance & Partnerships with Volleyball Champion Jordan Larson

Olympic athletes compete at the highest level year-in and year-out to showcase their talents on the global stage every four years. While there are annual competitions for sports like volleyball, swimming, rowing, and track & field, many tend to get buried in broadcasts outside of Olympic years. With this lack of prime-time exposure, social media

TikTok Blog
TikTok: a Level Playing Field in Sports and Social Media

TikTok is the platform people can’t stop talking about. Its complex algorithm captures the attention of users by consistently feeding individualized content that matches their viewing habits. Videos are 15-to-60 seconds, allowing the viewer to discover and watch a variety of videos in a short timespan. Perhaps most appealing to the largely Gen Z audience

Player Social Media in the NFL: Catching up with Zach Royse of the Minnesota Vikings

The NFL captures the attention of audiences across the country every Sunday. On the television broadcast, fans are glued to the 11 athletes on the field, but each team is filled with 53 personalities. And on social media, each player has an opportunity to grow their personal brand. In recent years, big-name NFL players have

Opendorse Brands Offseason
No Offseason For Endorsements: How Brands and Athletes Can Win The Offseason

Sports fans have enjoyed non-stop sports action this summer with major league seasons finding their rhythm. The NWSL was the first league to start a bubble season in June, kicking off the sports restart and leading the WNBA and PLL to start their bubble seasons in July. The NBA and NHL followed suit with their

WNBA Most Influential
The WNBA’s Most Influential Players on Social Media

2020 has been a year focused on adaptability for sports leagues, teams, and athletes. During the midst of uncertainty, the WNBA has taken the 2020 season as an opportunity to explode in growth, seeing an 68% increase in viewership. In April, the WNBA was the first league to host a virtual draft, in July they