Big Results Produced From the Big Game

During the Super Bowl, brands and the competing athletes have the attention of over 100 million people who tune in. Let’s take a look at the brands and athletes who saw big results on Twitter through their exposure during the Super Bowl.

Top Brands


Since the completion of Super Bowl XLIX, the Budweiser Twitter account has gained 5,688 followers, bringing the account’s total to 119,218 followers. Even before the game started, Budweiser’s top five tweets of all time were all related to the brand’s 2015 Super Bowl commercials that would air during the game. The number one tweet that Budwesier posted was the release of their commercial, “Best Buds”, starring the famous Budweiser Clydesdale’s and puppy. This tweet, released on January 28th, just four days before the Super Bowl, generated 143, 464 retweets and favorites.



Nationwide insurance has gained 3,407 followers on Twitter since Super Bowl XLIX, increasing their total to 41,182 followers. Although not entirely positive reviews, Nationwide did generate a lot of buzz regarding their Super Bowl commercials this year. The positive review was of the “Invisible Mindy” commercial, which became Nationwide’s number one tweet with 490 retweets and 1,482 favorites.

The more negative reactions came from Nationwide’s second commercial, “Preventable Accidents”, which starred the infamous Nationwide Dead Kid. Although a lot of people disapproved of the depressing commercial, the #makesafehappen commercial, became Nationwide’s 4th best Tweet, with 336 retweets and 278 favorites.


Jurassic Park

To promote the latest Jurassic Park sequel, titled “Jurassic World”, the movie franchise created a Twtter page, and also released a new trailer of the movie during the Super Bowl. After the big game, the Jurassic Park Twitter page gained 5,149 followers, increasing its follower count to 64,036. The #JursassicWorld Super Bowl trailer become the movie franchise’s second best Tweet, resulting in 12,320 retweets and 13,491 favorites. The highly anticipated sequel, is scheduled to be released June 12, 2015.


Top Athletes


gronk (1)

Rob Gronkowski

Over the course of the last few days after Super Bowl XLIX, Rob Gronkowski has gained over 122,000 followers, bringing his total follower count to over 875,000. Gronk can thank the national stage of the Super Bowl, his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and pictures and videos of Gronk’s crazy antics during the Boston Parade, welcome the Patriots back from Arizona. Whatever reason why someone followed him, it’s clear that Rob Gronkowski is quickly becoming a household name in the world of sports.



Marshawn Lynch

Lynch, the star Running Back for the Seattle Seahawks, gained 87,488 followers over the week of the Super Bowl, increasing his total count to over 455,000. Lynch became a trend on twitter for his antics during the Super Bowl media days for his uncanny responses to any question asked by a reporter, including the response “I’m just here so I don’t get fined”. Lynch also became a hot topic on twitter at the conclusion of the ball game, when the Seahawks elected to throw the ball on the one-yard line, which resulted in an interception, instead of letting Beast Mode run it in.


Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson, the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, after the Super Bowl, gained nearly 86,000 followers, bringing his total follower count to 1,165,583. Wilson, who led the Seahawks to back to back Super Bowls, is a household name for his hard work, determination, and drive to become the best quarterback in the NFL.

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