Case Study: Girl Scouts of Nebraska

Learn how the Girl Scouts of Nebraska utilized powerful influencers in the state to drive consumers to find out where they could purchase everybody’s favorite cookies.

The Challenge

Increase consumer awareness of where Girl Scout cookies were being sold around the state of Nebraska.

The Deal

Leverage well-timed Twitter endorsements from former Nebraska stand-out athletes and others with influence in the state, to inform consumers on locations to buy their favorite Girl Scout cookies.

The Athletes

Lauren Cook | Former Husker Volleyball

Jordan Larson | Former Husker Volleyball

Hannah Werth | Former Husker Volleyball

Kelsey Robinson | Former Husker Volleyball

Eric Crouch | Former Husker Football

Rex Burkhead | Former Husker Football

Taylor Martinez | Former Husker Football

Lindsey Moore | Former Husker Women’s Basketball

Josh Jones | Former Creighton Basketball

Fallon Taylor | Women’s Pro Rodeo Association

The Content

Tweets were focused on athlete’s sharing their favorite cookies and spreading information on location of the cookies being sold, ultimately driving consumers to purchase Girl Scout cookies.



By including a direct link, consumers are able to make a quicker connection with the brand and product/service/event the content is promoting.

The Results

This campaign reached just over 50,000, helping creating nationwide awareness.

  • Total Reach: 259,926
  • Total Engagements: 1,862
  • CPM: $2.88
  • CPE: $0.31

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