Case Study: How One Sunglasses Company Saw a 5X Return on Investment


Learn how Society43 utilized one influential athlete, Rex Burkhead, to generate a 5X return on investment.


The Challenge

Increase awareness of Society43, as well as produce sales of 100 Limited Edition throwback Nebraska Huskers sunglasses.


The Deal

Leverage one tweet from athlete Rex Burkhead, former Husker football star, to engage die-hard Nebraska football fans.


The Athlete

Rex Burkhead | Former Husker Football


The Content

The brand used an impactful message showcasing the Limited Edition sunglasses to Husker fans.



Adding a picture to your message can spark interest among potential consumers.


The Results

This campaign reached just over 45,000, helping creating nationwide awareness.

  • Total Reach: 45.1k
  • Total Engagements: 522
  • CPM: $4.59
  • CPE: $0.40


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