How NIL Rights Will Change College Recruiting

Which schools really build brands? Today, there’s a line item on every agenda… for every recruiting visit… at every D1 school in the country that addresses just that – how this school will help you build your brand. But does that program live up to its promise? For the last few years, this battle has been fought

Influencer Marketing for SMB Brands

Influencer marketing has exploded onto the scene as word-of-mouth marketing for the new era of business building. This new style of creative marketing allows small and medium-sized businesses to tap into larger audiences by collaborating with an expert, ambassador, celebrity, or athlete to promote their business. While hiring someone the world adores or trusts isn’t

Why Social Media is Valuable and Vital to Business

Social media has earned its seat at the table in businesses and marketing organizations of every shape and size. In 2020, an intentional social media presence is essential for any business for multiple reasons—and to say that social media has revolutionized the way businesses communicate to their audience is an understatement. In the last 10

Guide to Top of Funnel Marketing

We’ve all been in various stages of a marketing funnel. All of us – every consumer – is likely existing in different stages of multiple brands’ marketing funnels right now. It’s a strange, but very real reality. Each time you click a blog post, fill out a form field, engage with an ad, open an

What Should Your Leaders Share on Social Media?

While marketers can be quick to search for celebrity influencers to act as ambassadors for their business, the greatest ambassadors could already be just down the hall. For many businesses and organizations, those in leadership positions are often the brand’s most effective ambassadors on social media. The success stories of leadership-led social media strategies are

Why ADs Can’t Wait to Prepare Their Programs for Name, Image, and Likeness Rights

The 2021 recruiting class will be the first to have name, image, and likeness monetization opportunities from the moment they set foot on campus.  Knowing this, recruits right now are asking, “How will your school prepare me to monetize my NIL rights?” The question carries real weight. The answer will have an impact on one of

First Round in the Feed: How NFL Sponsors and Rookies Launched Social Media Campaigns on Draft Day

The NFL Draft is one of the biggest days every year at Opendorse.  As the social media activation partner of NFL Players, we’ve helped hundreds of newly drafted rookies publish posts. We’ve executed real-time campaigns on behalf of NFL sponsors, assisted players in sharing highlights and thanking their alma maters, and have even launched awareness

Influencer Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

A tweet can change the world. That might sound hyperbolic, but for JJ Watt and the city of Houston, hyperbole became reality in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. In response to the hurricane’s devastation, Watt set up a relief campaign with an original goal of raising $200,000. He then shared the campaign on Twitter,

Athletes adjust to social distancing with social media
Athletes Adjust to Social Distancing with Social Media

Sports are universal. They transcend boundaries and language, invoke emotion, and passion. Games that allow fans to show their true colors and cheer on their favorite teams and athletes in the process. Now more than ever, in this time of worry and wonder while COVID-19, a global pandemic is the headline and plastered on our

Name, Image, & Likeness Rights for Marketing Part 2
Navigating Athlete Name, Image and Likeness Part 2

Execution Navigating athlete name, image and likeness rights and usage in sports can be complex. It requires a deep understanding of the details that make up this multi-billion dollar industry. In part one, we broke down the creation, activation, and selection process for campaigns within the NIL quadrant framework. Now we’re ready to get started