Maximize Event Sponsorships with Athlete Activations

Generate buzz, increase attendance, and maximize viewership potential with pre-event athlete activations. Engage fans in real-time with activations throughout the event. Extend the shelf-life of your event with post-event activations.

#SB50 For Agencies: Campaign Activation

With less than a week between us and Super Bowl 50, you’re sure to have spent weeks, if not months, organizing your athlete social media campaign. You have secured deals with athletes and their agents. The content has been drafted, approved, and scheduled. And now you wait. Assuming the athlete(s) didn’t give you their personal

#SB50 For Agencies: How to Organize a Winning Campaign

Super Bowl 50 kicks off in just 13 days. For many of the nation’s top marketing agencies, this is crunch time. For agencies who will pre-launch their campaign— an increasingly popular tactic among Super Bowl advertisers— the clock is ticking even faster. In short, it’s time to get things done… fast. Thankfully, there’s still time

Secure Athletes for endorsement social media
#SB50 For Agencies: How To Secure Athletes For Your Campaign

So, you’ve decided to secure athletes for a social media campaign during Super Bowl 50. First of all, good move. We support your decision. Now that you have committed to reach thousands, potentially millions, of sports fans, it’s time to make it all happen. In this three-part guide, we will detail exactly how agencies and marketers can

Time for #SB50 Agencies To Get Serious about Social Media

Advertisers dropped about $4.5 million per 30-second spot aired during the Super Bowl 49 broadcast. The premiere buy placed their advertisement in front of approximately 115 million consumers who tuned in to the Big Game. This year, advertisers are expected to ante up, paying an eye-popping $5 million price tag. Assuming a similar viewership, that will provide Super

sponsored social mistakes avoid
3 Sponsored Social Mistakes for Strategists to Avoid

Sponsored social media activations have become a key component to any athlete endorsement campaign. This strategy has proven to be effective in reaching and engaging highly passionate, attentive audiences. But campaign success entails more than just paying an athlete, producing the content, and watching the engagements pile up.   When properly executed, athlete social media

The Hunt For Baseball’s Endorsement MVP

It’s no secret that America’s Pastime is still on the search for the next face — or faces — of the game. Derek Jeter held the position for over two decades. In the wake of his retirement, the MLB has been left with a surge of young talent, but is waiting on that one player

How To Choose the Most Effective Athlete Influencers

Cristiano Ronaldo has more Twitter followers than Canada does citizens. LeBron’s following — with eight million fewer than his goal-scoring counterpart — is on par with Australia and Thailand. With audiences like these, it’s no wonder marketers find tremendous value in sealing digital endorsement deals with the biggest names in professional sports. What was once considered a risky fad has become an increasingly understood and leveraged practice for brands

5 Proven Ways to get Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements can amplify a brand’s message to a significantly larger audience, earn trust and credibility with consumers, and even propel sales. According to BurstMedia’s Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report, in 2014, advertisers received $6.85 in earned media value for every $1.00 spent on influencer marketing programs. More than ever before, marketers are placing emphasis on leveraging influential celebrities in brand marketing. To

Finding the Perfect Athlete in 3 Easy Steps

Finding the perfect athlete that aligns with your brand can be challenging. Let’s take a look at common struggles in finding the right athlete endorser: Going at it alone to answer these questions can be a very confusing and time consuming process. Through opendorse we can help you make sure that you’re answering all the