State of Sponsored Social Report

The athlete and influencer marketing industry is big business on social media. Nowhere has this become more clear than Instagram in the form of Branded Content. You’ve surely seen it across your feed: “Paid partnership with brand.” Brands of all sizes now look to accounts with influence to power their message and media on Instagram

Athletes vs. Influencers: Who Really Delivers for Sponsors on Social Media?

It’s an attention economy and we’re all livin’ in it. As social media marketers, we can no longer hope to engage an audience by rolling out cookie-cutter content backed with a modest ad-spend.  This publish-and-pray approach isn’t going to cut it. We’re not only competing with other marketers anymore. Instead, we’re competing for our audience’s

Opendorse Influencer Campaign
Top-Performing Athlete Influencer Marketing Campaigns of 2020

2020 has been a year has been unlike any other across the world and the sports industry. Despite seemingly constant uncertainty, the year has proved revolutionary for professional athletes. And even while restrictions that forced numerous events to be canceled or postponed — including March Madness and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics — the collective voice

Building an Endorsement Campaign with Athlete Influencers

Influencer marketing. Athlete endorsements. You’ve heard the terms, and perhaps you’ve given one or both a shot. Maybe you’re even among the marketers set to spend up to $10 billion on influencer marketing in 2020 (Influencer Marketing Hub, 2020). If you’re here, you know this isn’t a fad (see: $10 billion), but how has the

Driving attendance and foot traffic with athlete influencer marketing

I think Twitter’s great, but how is that going to get people out to my event? There are A LOT of ways to “get butts in seats” or bring fans out to your event—traditional avenues like radio and print among them—but it’s time to run a different play to invite people to attend your next

Maximize Event Sponsorships with Athlete Activations

Generate buzz, increase attendance, and maximize viewership potential with pre-event athlete activations. Engage fans in real-time with activations throughout the event. Extend the shelf-life of your event with post-event activations.

#SB50 For Agencies: Campaign Activation

With less than a week between us and Super Bowl 50, you’re sure to have spent weeks, if not months, organizing your athlete social media campaign. You have secured deals with athletes and their agents. The content has been drafted, approved, and scheduled. And now you wait. Assuming the athlete(s) didn’t give you their personal

#SB50 For Agencies: How to Organize a Winning Campaign

Super Bowl 50 kicks off in just 13 days. For many of the nation’s top marketing agencies, this is crunch time. For agencies who will pre-launch their campaign— an increasingly popular tactic among Super Bowl advertisers— the clock is ticking even faster. In short, it’s time to get things done… fast. Thankfully, there’s still time

Secure Athletes for endorsement social media
#SB50 For Agencies: How To Secure Athletes For Your Campaign

So, you’ve decided to secure athletes for a social media campaign during Super Bowl 50. First of all, good move. We support your decision. Now that you have committed to reach thousands, potentially millions, of sports fans, it’s time to make it all happen. In this three-part guide, we will detail exactly how agencies and marketers can

Time for #SB50 Agencies To Get Serious about Social Media

Advertisers dropped about $4.5 million per 30-second spot aired during the Super Bowl 49 broadcast. The premiere buy placed their advertisement in front of approximately 115 million consumers who tuned in to the Big Game. This year, advertisers are expected to ante up, paying an eye-popping $5 million price tag. Assuming a similar viewership, that will provide Super