5 Ways to Establish Trust with Your Influencer’s Audience

Marketing campaigns that are not built on trust between consumers and brands are doomed to fail. When activating influencers to spread your message, it’s important to rely on that trust. Here are five ways to build and establish trust with your audience through using influencer endorsements. 1. Know your audience Going into the campaign, know who

The 10 Worst Social Media Tips

People give bad advice with good intentions daily. Bad social media advice is no acceptation with the vast amount of tips floating around the web. That’s why opendorse compiled a list of “The 10 Worst Social Media Tips” to save you from listening to well-intended advice that could be hurting your social presence. 1. “Always

Research on the go: the athlete marketplace is now mobile-optimized.

You're on the go and now our research is, too. the opendorse athlete marketplace is now mobile optimized so that you can find the perfect athlete to represent your brand, no matter where you are.

5 Steps to a Successful Micro-Endorsement Campaign

Athlete endorsements are no longer restricted to the powerful few. Like never before, your brand has the ability to build trust and engage an audience through the influence of professional athletes. At opendorse, we’re handing marketers the tools to instantly activate these influencers to spread their message to the masses. This guide will outline best

4 Tips for Athletes Looking to Improve Social Media Presence

Last week we took a look at some tips brands can use in order improve their social media presence. This week, we focus on the other side of the equation, the athletes. Let’s take a look at some tips athletes can use in order to improve their social media presence.   1. Embrace Social Media

Endorsement Marketing 101

  Congratulations on taking the first step toward building your brand with endorsement marketing. Through the next Seven Guides, we’ll teach you (almost) everything there is to know about endorsement marketing. By the end, you’ll know enough to plan and build an endorsement campaign for your brand, create a deal, and get it approved &

Measure: Measure, Learn, and Improve

Once your endorsement marketing campaign is launched, it’s time to fill out the stat sheet and measure the performance. The only way to improve your endorsement game is to develop your strengths and learn from your weaknesses. In order to gather and understand the analytics of your campaign content, you must first understand what analytics

Voice: Spark Buzz Using Athlete Endorsements

  Writing authentic messages for your endorsement marketing campaign takes practice and attention to detail. Knowing the habits of your athlete and the expectations of their audience will lead to legendary campaign performance. The content of your endorsement campaign messages should leverage the athlete’s voice, be relevant to the audience, use a strong call to

Influence: Recruit A Team Of Influencers

So, you’ve established your team’s goals, defined your audience, and fine-tuned your athlete search. Now it’s time to recruit a stellar class of athletes to ensure your endorsement marketing campaign is a home run. The perfect endorsement pitch can prepare you to hit a grand-slam, but be aware, some knuckleballs might get in your way. In

Strategy: Find The Right Influencers

When one leverages the right influencer, with the right message, at the right time, endorsement marketing results are out of this world. Because we know not every campaign will be wildly successful, here’s how to succeed when you’re only 33% correct. That kind of batting average would put you in the hall of fame, right?