Audience: Find Your Core Audience

Are your customers sitting in the nosebleeds, or court side? Could they fill Madison Square Garden, or fit on the team bus? Understanding your audience is key to crafting an endorsement marketing campaign that will leave a memorable impact on your current and future customers. The search for the perfect athlete endorsement doesn’t start with

Plan: Outline Your Campaign Goals

  Would you head onto the football field without a playbook? Is your goal to score on every play? Or move the ball forward? Your endorsement marketing campaign must have clear goals and a path towards success to be a valuable component of your marketing strategy. Endorsement marketing can be used by marketers to create a wide array

Getting Started: Endorsement Marketing Basics

  What exactly is endorsement marketing? Here at opendorse, we like to use the following definition: “Endorsement Marketing is leveraging the trust between an influencer and their audience to market a product, service, or brand.” In short, instead of building trust directly with your customer, channel your marketing through an already trusted source. You’ve seen Michael Phelps or Ndamukong