DirecTV Uses Manning Brothers in Latest Viral Campaign

The Manning’s are one the most famous and storied families in professional sports. Archie Manning was drafted second overall in the 1971 NFL Draft by the New Orleans Saints to play quarterback. Both of his sons, Peyton and Eli, followed in their fathers’ footsteps and are NFL quarterbacks. Peyton and Eli have had a ton of success in the league, combining to win three Super Bowls. Last year, Peyton set the NFL record for passing touchdowns and passing yards in a single season. His season was incomprehensible, and he continues to be one of the top faces in the NFL.

The on-field success of the Manning family is evident, but it’s their side jobs, patrolling the streets and rapping in music videos, that has everyone talking as of late. DirecTV has leveraged the popularity of Peyton and Eli in campaigns before the NFL season, showing a goofier side of the brothers.

Aside from throwing touchdown passes to their teammates, these two quarterbacks took on the role of two cops, fighting to stop crime in a rugged neighborhood. Their accuracy and arm strengths are used to gun down the bad guys.

Last year, DirecTV came out with an app that allows you to watch football on the go from your phone, computer, or tablet. To build awareness of Football On Your Phone, Peyton and Eli take their rapping talents to the streets in a music video appropriately titled, “Football On Your Phone.” From cops to rappers, it’s intriguing for fans to see these serious, well-spoken athletes in a new comedic light. Although this campaign may seem over-the-top, it definitely draws attention and buzz to DirecTV and also allows fans to connect with the Manning Duo on a new level.

This year the rap game is back. DirecTV is launching a new channel called “Fantasy Zone” that is dedicated to nothing but fantasy football on NFL Sunday Ticket. “It’s like fantasy football fantasy.” What is your football fantasy?

The trio of Manning quarterbacks wouldn’t be complete without Archie making an appearance in each commercial, showcasing that Peyton and Eli aren’t the only ones who know how to do a little acting.

Even though the Manning brothers do not have personal social media accounts, the campaigns DirecTV have created using the personalities of one of the most famous families in all of sports, still enables the brand to reach tons of people. The viral qualities the videos possess create large amounts of social media buzz. DirecTV dominates in their social advertisements by utilizing some of the NFL’s top names in a unique and comical way.


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