How Athlete Endorsements Contributed 80% of Auto Dealership Web Traffic

How Athlete Endorsements Contributed 80% of Auto Dealership Web Traffic


Former Nebraska Student-Athletes Prince Amukamara and Niles Paul teamed up to help an auto dealership in Lincoln, Nebraska increase website traffic during a historically slow sales period. Through well-timed, interactive messages, the two combined to send over 7,000 customers to the auto dealer’s website.

In addition to the increase in web-traffic, the auto dealership was able to creatively introduce their new general manager through social media.

Why This Auto Dealer Chose Athlete Endorsements

Still Fresh

Less than a year removed from their playing days at the University of Nebraska, Prince and Niles remained top of mind for consumers in the Lincoln, Nebraska market. This auto dealership wanted to grab the local talent while it was still hot.

A Natural Fit

Athletes are known for their taste in luxurious vehicles, and this auto dealership was looking to align their new shipment of vehicles with the higher-end lifestyle of newly-christened professional athletes. The focus on athlete and brand fit helped establish credibility and boost the authenticity of the athlete’s endorsements.

“This simple athlete endorsement campaign was more cost effective than Google AdWords, and accounted for more than 80% of our website referral traffic for 90 straight days.” Auto Dealership Marketing Manager


How Unique Content Helped Boost Web-Traffic

Conversation Was Key

This auto dealership got creative in their content creation, asking the athletes to interact with each other throughout the duration of the campaign. The engagement skyrocketed as a result. On days where both athletes endorsed the dealership, nearly twice as many customers visited the auto dealer’s website.

Understand the Athlete’s Voice

This brand was not afraid to write endorsement messages to fit the voice of each athlete. Most endorsements contained casual lingo, or sometimes abbreviated slang. This helped the younger audience relate to the content, and engage at a 6x higher than other forms of online marketing.


The Result: The Number One Source of Website Traffic

Prince and Niles delivered 30 endorsements for the auto dealership over 30 days, creating over 550,000 marketing impressions, and sending 7,000+ consumers to the auto dealer’s website. These athlete endorsements were the number one driver of web-traffic for the auto dealership for three consecutive months.

Reach: 550,000  |  Total Engagements: 7,205  |  CPM: $7.91  |  CPE: $0.61

How You Can Use This

When looking to select athletes for your athlete endorsement campaign, think of the up-and-comers, or smaller, local influencers. You may be able to lock these influencers into a longer-term contract at a lower cost. Also, don’t be afraid to get creative and mix in interactive messages throughout your endorsement campaign. When athletes talk amongst themselves, consumers listen.

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