How Endorsements Vary Depending on the Sport

How Endorsements Change Depending on the Sport

A brand’s decision of which athlete endorser to utilize for an endorsement campaign can be impacted by the sport the athlete plays.

Brands look to select an athlete who will best connect them to their target market and athletes from specific sports may be better able to do that for certain products or services.

Here are some examples of how endorsements can be dependent upon the actual sport the athlete endorser plays.



It’s safe to say football has become America’s obsession. In return, many products associated with American culture are often marketed by football athletes.

For example, Ndamukong Suh endorses Chrysler, a proudly American-made automobile company.

Another American staple? Throwing on your favorite pair of jeans and watching football; all weekend long. Could Brett Favre and Drew Brees be better picks to endorse Wrangler?

Football has firmly become engrained in America’s DNA, which is why companies looking to cater to the American culture or lifestyle often select football players when choosing an athlete endorser.


Golf & Tennis

“Country Club” sports such as tennis and golf often cater to wealthier viewers. Such is the reason why high-end products or services like watches and luxury cars are often endorsed by athletes of these sports.

For example, think Tiger Woods and his endorsements with Rolex or NetJets, which offers partial ownership of private jets.

Or, think about Maria Sharapova and her high-end endorsements with Porsche and luxury Swiss watch manufacturer TAG Heuer. Don’t forget about Roger Federer who has endorsements with Mercedes-Benz and Rolex.

High-end luxury goods and services are an endorsing niche for many golf and tennis athletes.



Olympic athletes often rely on the support and sacrifices of their family to help them as they pursue their Olympic dreams. While this is not unlike athletes from non-Olympic sports, there seems to be an especially strong connection between Olympians and the support they receive from their home and family. Brands looking to these athletes also want to appeal to a wide range of consumers across the globe. That is why home and family products and internationally recognizable brands often tap Olympic athletes for endorsements.

For example, Proctor and Gamble who serves 4.8 billion people around the world with their home products has teamed up with a wide range of athletes for the 2014 Olympics. Or take G&E, Panasonic and Samsung who all produce home appliances and electronics and are official Olympic sponsors. As for global brand recognition; McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, two of the most recognizable brands on the planet are also official sponsors.

Home and family products that are globally recognizable brands, pair nicely with Olympic athletes.


Which Sport is Best for Your Brand?

The best athlete endorser for a certain product or service doesn’t necessarily always have to come from a specific sport. Instead, it is important to remember the best athlete for your brand is one who will reach, connect and engage with your brand’s target market.

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