How One Athlete Endorsement Had Store Customers Lining Up Around the Block

How One Athlete Endorsement Had Store Customers Lining Up Around the Block

Brick and Mortar Case Study

In less than an hour, this local business served nearly 100 new customers. Two well-timed endorsements from NFL athlete Prince Amukamara attracted students from the nearby college campus to try a new product for a limited time. 

Why Athlete Endorsements 

Established Relationship

During his time as a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NFL athlete Prince Amukamara would frequent Juice Stop, a smoothie establishment located one block away from campus. Just as Prince enjoyed Juice Stop, the Juice Stop employees enjoyed having a powerful influencer bring attention to their location. To show their appreciation for Prince, this location created a unique smoothie, deemed “The Prince”. This long-term relationship made it easy for Juice Stop to select Prince for a unique endorsement marketing campaign.

Target Market

Juice Stop’s is a local hotspot for students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Prince Amukamara’s social media audience is dominated by college-aged consumers, as 23% of Prince’s followers are between 18-24 years old.

“The line was around the block. I didn’t know so many people would turn out after just a couple of tweets. Juice Stop has gotta love stuff like this.” – Excited Juice Stop Customer


Timing is Everything

The Teaser

The day before the Juice Stop endorsement, Prince sent out a teaser to his social media followers, hinting that he’ll be giving his audience a chance to experience something unique.

Handling Increased Traffic

In preparation for the sudden inflow of traffic, Juice Stop elected to run their smoothie special from 3-4PM, a historically slow sales period for the store. The timing of the in-store event allowed the store owners to better measure the impact of the endorsement marketing campaign.


The Result: Digital Dominance, In-Store Success

Prince’s Twitter endorsement on the day of the event reached over 28,000 consumers. 414 of these consumers clicked to learn more about the Juice Stop event. The 1.4% engagement rate for this campaign proved to be 7x more effective than all other forms of online marketing for Juice Stop.

The online buzz paid off, as the line of customers wrapped around the block near the 3PM start time of the event. At the end of the day, two simple endorsements from Prince Amukamara sent nearly 100 new customers to this brick and mortar location. Not too shabby.

Reach: 28,600  |  Total Engagements: 414  |  CPM: $6.99  |  CPE: $0.48

How You Can Use This

Digital endorsements don’t only create digital engagements. Leverage teaser messages to build buzz around your upcoming live event, and provide plenty of details to consumers hoping to attend. At the end of the day, be sure to partner with athletes who are truly engaged with your product or target market.

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