How One Organization Leveraged Social Media to Introduce a Statewide Policy

How One Organization Leveraged Social Media to Introduce a Statewide Policy


When looking to spread a message throughout their entire state, the Kansas Department of Transportation turned to athlete endorsements. This campaign was built, negotiated, and executed within days. The result? A highly impactful message reached a highly engaged audience.


Why Athlete Endorsements

Cost Effective

When analyzing the high cost of local advertising options throughout the state, the department of transportation turned their focus to online advertising. To reach consumers across disparate geographic regions, the department needed to be creative. Partnering with a few well-known athletes helped hit multiple markets within one campaign.

A Trusted Voice

The “Click it or Ticket” campaign contained powerful messages, targeting the 16-44 demographic. On average, 57% of a professional athlete’s social media following is between the age of 18 and 44. By partnering with athletes, the department was able to connect with their target market, and leverage a trusted voice to spread the word to state residents.

“Being a part of this campaign meant a lot to me. The Click it or Ticket campaign will help protect the folks from my home state, and set a good example for other states.” –Matt Besler


Use Facts to Increase Virality

Numbers Don’t Lie

Content in this campaign focused on the hard-hitting facts related to the overall “Click it or Ticket” campaign. Messages containing facts experienced a 20% increase in virality, as users helped spread the messages through retweets.

Call To Action

Historically, messages with a strong call-to-action experience a 134% increase in engagement. The department of transportation used power call-to-action throughout their campaign content to increase consumer engagement.


The Result: Statewide Reach

Over 100,000 Kansas residents learned about the new Click-it or Ticket laws through this simple endorsement campaign.

Reach: 108,200  |  Total Engagements: 254  |  CPM: $14.47  |  CPE: $4.48

How You Can Use This

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a product to sell, or a story to tell, a well-structured athlete endorsement campaign can help you spread the word. Don’t underestimate the influence of a professional athlete’s voice, as it can increase engagement for your brand, and save you some dough along the way.

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