How Social Media Effects NFL Draft Prospects

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The 2015 NFL Draft has officially arrived and we’re taking a look at which prospects are at the top of their social media game.  Today’s athletes face a different challenge than the players who came before them. While on-field performance is still important, how they conduct themselves off the field matters too. Now every tweet, 40-yard dash, and snapchat sent matters. With the force of social media comes a heavy burden for some stars to carry.

During the NFL Combine, social media background checks were prevalent. According to SportTechie, college football players drill results showing strength and speed are less important these days and “social media is primarily to blame. A prospect’s tweets, posts, and snapchats are just as important in 2015 as his on-field measurable at the NFL Combine.”

By looking at the top prospects for the 2015 Draft, we broke down the athlete’s with the most Twitter and Instagram followers. Over the next couple days we will be tracking how closely related a player’s social media ranking matches with their ranking in the draft.


Top Twitter Followers

1. Jameis Winston | 190,602
2. Todd Gurley | 123,577
3. TJ Yeldon | 111,808
4. Kenny Bell | 84,153
5. Ameer Abdullah | 81,722

Top Instagram Followers

1. Jameis Winston | 212,148
2. Todd Gurley | 141,102
3. Amari Cooper | 136,891
4. Sammy Coates | 57,840
5. Melvin Gordon| 56,534

Who do you think will rise to the top of the social media draft?

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