Influence holiday consumers with last-minute endorsement marketing

You’ve had all year to plan for your holiday sales push, but you don’t want to hear that now. Things came up. Now you’re weeks away from the big day, with no time to create a traditional promotion, and relying on hope as your sales driver. But we have good news: You can still reach and promote the purchase of your product to thousands of relevant users. It’s not too late to influence holiday consumers.
opendorse provides smarter research, better measurements, and faster activation. More importantly, opendorse delivers results, and can do it fast.

Influence Holiday Consumers

opendorse enables endorsements for all products and industries, but in the spirit of the holiday season, we’ll focus on retail business. With 45% of affluent Americans planning to shop online only this holiday season, social media presents an ideal opportunity to influence holiday consumers and their purchasing decisions. With an athlete endorsement via Twitter or Instagram, your business will leverage trust between the influential athlete and their fans to market a product, service or brand.
However, choosing an effective athlete to endorse your brand isn’t as easy as choosing the athlete with the most followers or highest engagement rates.
By doing some quick homework, marketers can find the athlete(s) that have the influence and reach to turn heads within their specific target audience. Below we take a look at factors that will influence the success of your holiday promotion.

Regional Relevance

With research and statistics for over 8,000 athletes at your fingertips, you can find athletes with influence in every region.
If, for example, your product is primarily sold in Wisconsin, Packer receiver Jordy Nelson may be a solid choice. Of Nelson’s one hundred and fifty-eight thousand Twitter followers, over sixty-three thousand reside in the Badger State. That could sell a lot of cheeseheads.
Jorday Nelson Twitter Followers Map

Product Relevance

Does the athlete’s audience match the target audience for your product? The closer the ties an athlete and the audience has to your product, the better.
In 2013, a sunglasses company saw a 5X return on investmentby using Rex Burkheadformer Nebraska Cornhusker and current Cincinnati Bengal, to endorse a line of limited edition Nebraska Huskers shades. With the help of Burkhead’s relevance with both the product and fan base, the endorsement deal easily met the goal of its marketers.
 Rex Burkhead Society 43 Twitter Endorsement

Promotions & Sales

You really want to push product off the shelves? Give the people what they want! Using an endorsement from a professional athlete will raise awareness and interest for any deal that you choose to promote. Whether you’re driving traffic to a retail store, restaurant, or website for product purchase, you can guarantee that thousands more consumers will be made aware of your message.
Using opendorse, a Rex Burkhead endorsement will reach approximately forty-two thousand fans with each tweet. With a cost of $320.78 per tweet, marketers are paying just $7.62 per one thousand impressions. For a last-minute push for sales, this allows marketers to reach massive audiences for a fraction of the cost of traditional media buys.


Activation has become a bit of a buzzword for the opendorse platform, but what does it really mean? Activation is when the magic happens: You have done your research, selected the perfect athlete, crafted a killer message, and proposed the deal. Now you play the waiting game. For traditional endorsement campaigns, this may mean weeks, even months of sits-downs, negotiations, and contract approvals. With opendorse? Try a couple hours.
For Jordy Nelson, the average length of time it takes for him and his agent to approve or decline a deal: four hours and twenty-two minutes. Your message is scheduled and the campaign is underway. That’s fast activation.
Instead of blindly competing in the saturated market of traditional advertising, your business has the opportunity to stand out this season with a faster, easier, and more measurable marketing push. Ready to make a final push for holiday success? Get started.


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