I love going to work.

By opendorse CEO Blake Lawrence
Last week we won an award.
Since the recognition, I’ve been reflecting.
How did we get here?

In 2010 Adi and I had a conversation.

Myself, removed from football for six months.
Adi, heading into his fourth year as a starting kicker at Nebraska.
We asked each other…
What’s next?
What happens after football is finished?
We wanted to work together.
We wanted to be part of a company that felt like the team we were soon to leave behind. The discussion shifted to imagining the perfect workplace.
We envisioned…
A place where we could both grow into our potential.
A spot that embraced taking risks and solving problems differently.
A home for the people who walked through the front doors each morning.
A group of employees that felt more like family than co-workers.
A determined crew of individuals looking to do big things.
A balanced team bringing together complementary strengths.
An organization centered more on progress than profits.
A safe place for creative thinking and individuality.
A squad that shares core values and invests in each other.
A crew dead-set on adding value to those around them.
A trust-filled bunch providing support beyond the daily report.
If the company we joined had just one of these traits, we’d be happy.
But we didn’t just want to be happy.
We wanted to love going to work.
Every single day.
Why not?
We were young and fearless.
We set high expectations for ourselves.
We desired to do things differently — to challenge the status quo.
We quickly realized…
The only way to guarantee we would love where we worked — was to build it ourselves.
In August 2010, we started our first company.
Our first office was a closet.
Our dreams were bigger than a building.
We bootstrapped that bad boy to 25 employees.
We discovered what it takes to build a team.
We learned the importance of core values.
We realized the necessity of balancing strengths.
We were named “Best Places to Work” two consecutive years.
To this day, this is one of our proudest accomplishments at Hurrdat.
The company was acquired in 2014.
It was an undoubtedly bittersweet moment.
But it was a chance to start anew.
A chance to focus 100% of our energy on opendorse.
We were nearly two years into getting this beast off the ground.
While the value proposition was different, our intentions remained the same.
We wanted to lead a team of like-minded, passionate individuals.
We set our goals high, and reset our expectations for ourselves as leaders.
We seek to build award-winning solutions for our partners.
We have been fortunate to be nominated for and win many awards.
But when I think of the most valuable recognition we’ve received…
It isn’t the 100 Brilliant Companies nod or local Entrepreneur of the Year trophies.
Nor the Global Sports Technology Awards and local Startup of the Year nominations that come to mind.
It is this award.
Nominated by our team, recognized by one of the global leaders in business.
This is it.
This is why we do what we do.
This award brought me all the way back to our roots.
To why Adi and I started all of this in the first place.
I am damn proud of this team.
I am so thankful for those who have made all of this possible.
Most of all, I appreciate the people of opendorse.
For being humble savages.
For going all in.
For making no excuses.
For just getting results.
For believing in our vision.
For pursuing our mission.
For waking up with purpose.
For building something great.
For all of these reasons and many, many more…
I love going to work.

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