You talked, we listened. Introducing Instagram endorsements and a better shopping cart experience.

We’re so pumped to roll out our new Instagram feature that we thought we should give you the low down on how to use it like a pro. Ready? Here we go:

Begin in the Marketplace and add your selected athlete(s) to your cart

Use the Advance Search to narrow your search within the Marketplace and find the perfect match for your endorsement.


Begin building your campaign

Go into your cart and find your athlete. By clicking the + button, a new screen will drop down and you will now have the ability to select a Twitter or Instagram deal. For this deal, we’re going to select Instagram since it’s a new and awesome feature available only on Opendorse.




Uploading your image

Here’s where you can add your image by clicking on the + sign in the box and uploading your image.
Pro Tip: You can adjust the image (zoom and movement) by scrolling in on the image and dragging it around.




Adding in your message
In the text box, you can write what you want the athlete to say about your company. Don’t forget to include useful tags to gain more exposure!
Pro Tip: Make sure to include “#AD” or it won’t let you proceed.




Decide when you would like your deal to go out.
Pick a Date and Time or choose INSTANT and the deal will go out as soon as the athlete accepts




Preview your deal
You will get a full preview of your deal. Once ready to go, click FINISH.




Give your deal one final look-through
Get a last look at your deal and make sure the message, date, time and image is correct and ready to be released.




Your deal is almost ready to be sent out! Click NEXT to proceed to Payments

Click on Add Payment Method and enter your information under TYPE and INFO then hit FINISH.




Pretty great, right? If you have any questions or would like to get a free demo setup



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