Introducing Opendorse For Business™: The solution that unlocks people-powered social media

Opendorse for Business

Today I’m excited to share the launch of Opendorse for Business, a new solution for businesses to streamline content publishing with their people on social media. Opendorse is rooted in sports and helping athletes — that’s who we are and always will be. But from day-one at Opendorse, I have been passionate about the opportunity with social media that organizations of all shapes and sizes can achieve by unlocking their influence.

This opportunity has always been evident. Throughout my career, I’ve been lucky to work within and lead marketing teams in high-growth organizations. We’ve built performance marketing machines, shaped to deliver revenue and business outcomes back to the company. At each of these stops, social media played a big role in our marketing mix. But one common thread remained the same: no matter how sophisticated our social ads, how dialed-in our targeting, or how remarkable our content was… our brand accounts could never replicate the results of our people, especially our leadership when it came to social media.

It’s the people within organizations who hold the power on social media.

This has been as evident here at Opendorse as any of my prior stops. When Blake posts a Twitter thread, the retweets and replies come flowing in. When Adi publishes a LinkedIn post, it begins trending under #leadership and #startups. 

Leaders at companies and organizations have enormous influence on their industries and communities. When leaders share, followers listen, engage, and opt in. Active leadership on social media will improve recruiting efforts, enhance lead generation, and ultimately, make revenue and business outcomes more obtainable through social media.

But another truth remains…

Getting leaders and employees to consistently share content — let alone content that is on message and supports your marketing efforts — can be a challenge. Leaders are busy. Some “get” social media and the opportunity it provides. Some don’t. And even if they do publish consistently and on-message, measuring success is a chore for marketers.

Opendorse for Business is here to change that.

Now, you can unlock the influence of people-powered social media.

With Opendorse for Business, marketers can now deliver content to their organization’s most influential individuals with one-tap publishing capabilities across LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This streamlined access to the influential voices in your network makes powerful outcomes more attainable than ever before.

This is purpose-built to deliver the right content to the right people — from executives and ambassadors, to franchisees and dealer channels. By embracing the power of your people and influential channels, you will expand engagement across larger, more tuned-in audiences and deliver tangible outcomes for your business.

You will positively impact:

  • Executive Engagement: Executives within the business can increase their social presence to boost their standing as industry thought leaders.
  • Maintaining Consistency: Encourages partners to post on social media more often by simplifying the process while still supporting the company message.
  • Brand Growth: Generates more brand awareness, wider reach, qualified web visits, valuable inbound leads and enhanced recruitment.
  • Optimizing Results: Track published content, understand the audiences being engaged and the type of content they desire.
  • Keep the Brand Intact: Ensure franchisees, dealers, executives, ambassadors and more have approved media and content to maintain brand consistency and message.


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