How Bryan Health Used Thought Leadership to Rally Legislation

How Bryan Health Used Thought Leadership to Rally Legislation


This tweet and 39 others helped Bryan Health become a thought leader when it came to concussions. They built their brand’s reputation and engaged thousands of young athletes and their parents with information that will help protect them.

If that’s not enough, the momentum gained from this campaign helped Bryan Health rally the Governor of the state to introduce a new law for the safety of youth athletes.


Why Bryan Health Utilized Athletes to Become a Thought Leader

Athletes Helped Bryan Health Reach the Right Audience

Bryan Health developed the Heads Up Nebraska campaign in 2010 to inform young athletes and their parents about the dangers of concussions in youth sports.  As they planned the campaign, they realized there was no good way to reach young athletes.

While reaching their audience with billboards and radio were part of the campaign, why not leverage where youth athletes and their parents are spending time every day? Following their favorite sports stars on twitter.


Leveraging Athlete Reputation

With the goal of becoming a thought leader around athlete concussion knowledge, Bryan Health had their work cut out for them. They knew that great content would get them half way there. But what about having authority on the subject? They had an answer for that:

Leverage the reputation of pro athletes.


How Bryan Health Promoted Concussion Awareness

Campaign Voice & Athlete Fit

It was important to appeal to a younger demographic, so Bryan Health used athletes recently out of college. It was also important to target athletes with high impact in Nebraska and the surrounding areas. Easy: Target ex-Nebraska Huskers.


Creating an emotional response with the audience was important, so it was crucial to craft content that would show the softer side of these hard-hitting athletes. Also, since teaching the dangers of concussions via tweets was impossible, Bryan Health utilized a learn more microsite instead. BONUS: Increase site traffic & brand exposure.


The Result: Thought Leadership & New Legislation

40 endorsements reached over 650k about the impact of concussions and caused 5,700 of them to take action to become more informed.

More importantly, Bryan Health gained the reputation as a thought leader on concussions.

Bryan Health has since used that momentum to rally the state of Nebraska to pass a law addressing the dangers of athlete concussions.

Reach: 666,500  |  Total Engagements: 5,736  |  CPM: $1.50  |  CPE: $1.00

How You Can Use This

While your goals might not be as ambitious, you can still use the power of endorsement marking to build your own thought leadership on a topic. Want to to know what it means to be a thought leader? Or are you already up for the challenge?

Looking to promote a charitable cause? Let us know! We’d love to help.

Interested in learning more about Bryan Health’s concussion campaign? Check it out here.

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